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Known as a ‘Gentleman’s Game’, Cricket is a game of finesse and class with bats and balls. People from different countries and of all age groups participate in the sport and show their talents. The blog post will discuss the six youngest wicketkeepers ever played cricket. 

  • Parthiv Patel (India)

Known as one of India’s most prominent wicket-keepers, Parthiv Patel became a part of the Indian cricket team when he was just 17. He was brought in when the Indian national team was looking for a wicketkeeper; he was a young boy from Gujarat until MS Dhoni fortified the wicketkeeper spot in the side. During his stay in the team, he played in 65 international matches, scoring 1706 runs and 112 dismissals – in the form of stumpings and catches. Despite his young age, he significantly proved his aptitude and how much of an asset he was to the Indian Cricket Team. 

  • Rishabh Pant (India)

Rishabh Rajendra Pant, an Indian international cricketer who is widely known for his unorthodox playing style. He is among the most attacking players in modern-day cricket irrespective of their format, be it T20s, ODIs or even Tests. 


Rishabh Pant consistently scores for his team, especially in Test Cricket. He scored 2,271 runs as a middle-order batsman in Test in 33 matches with an average of 43.67. 


His remarkable century against Australia at the Gabba is still the best innings he has ever played. He debuted on 1 February 2017 in the T20s against England at the age of just 19 years and 2 months, becoming one of the youngest wicketkeepers to have played cricket. 

  • Hanif Mohammad (Pakistan)

Making his debut at the mere age of 17 in the Pakistani cricket team in 1952, Hanif Mohammad became the youngest wicket-keeper debutant for the longest time since Parthiv Patel came along in 2002. With 55 Test matches and over 40 catches to his name, he averaged 43.98, scoring twelve centuries. Hanif thrived as one of the best wicket-keepers and was the first star of Pakistan cricket, the “Little Master” who played the longest innings in Test history – his 970-minute 337 against West Indies. 

  • Tatenda Taibu (Zimbabwe)

Tatenda Taibu debuted in cricket at 18 years of age, making it the longest career amongst the entrants of the youngest wicketkeepers. Poised at 5 feet 5 inches, Tatenda Taibu played against the West Indies in the year 2001. Taibu played in his last international match in 2012, brilliantly securing 28 Tests, 16 T20 Internationals and 150 One Day Internationals. During his time on the field, Taibu scored over 200 dismissal contributions in the form of catches and stumpings – with 4984 runs. To add to his praise, he boasted about his share of success with the ball and hand as he took 3 wickets as a bowler. 

  • Ikram Ali Khil (Afghanistan)

Ikram Ali Khil joined the Afghanistan Cricket Team as a wicketkeeper at just 20 years of age. He was the side’s main wicketkeeper when Mohammad Shehzad made a controversial exit from the team. Ikram played just 1 Test match and scored 86 and 7 runs, respectively – with 4 stumpings and 7 catches. He made his Twenty20 debut for the Band-e-Amir Dragons in the 2017 Shpageeza Cricket League on 14 September 2017. He has performed brilliantly and was part of Afghanistan’s squad for the 2016 Under-19 Cricket World Cup.

  • Asanka Gurusinha (Sri Lanka)

Another wicketkeeper of the game who made it to the cricket sport at an extremely young age, Asanka Gurusinha from Sri Lanka, was just 19 years old when he debuted. Once he entered the game, he made sure he created the same impact as the same reflected in his stats, which stood out to him, featuring in over 40 Test matches and 147 One Day International matches. Scoring 2,452 runs in Test matches and 3,092 runs in ODIs, along with the 82 catches, he’s made quite a name for himself. He was an incredible wicketkeeper!


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