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From swinging yorkers to blistering bouncers, remarkable fast bowlers have shaped cricket history with their impeccable talents and skills. Batsmen train, strategize, and prepare, but these speed demons test their wits. Bowlers are essential in cricket, especially fast bowlers, as they take wickets. In cricket history, many bowlers have excelled, but few have led the way. Here are five of cricket’s fastest bowlers who have painted the pitch with a masterpiece of speed, swing, and seam movement!

#1 Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan)

It is generally said that Shoaib Akhtar is the cricket world’s fastest bowler. The speed and violence with which he moved made him famous. Batsmen had to beware of Akhtar’s bowling, as he could reach speeds above 160 kilometers per hour. Having begun his career in 1997, he was the first bowler in Pakistani history to have taken one hundred wickets in both Tests and One-Day internationals. He also appeared in a total of 163 One-Day internationals (ODIs) and 46 tests. 

#2 Brett Lee (Australia)

Hailing from Australia, Brett Lee was a fast bowler known for his amazing speed and accuracy. With the ability to bowl at 150 kph, he was someone the batsmen watched out for. Lee debuted in 1999 with Australia and went on to appear in a total of 76 tests and 239 One-Day internationals, wherein he was successful in 310 tests and 380 One-Day internationals. Lee has also been to three World Cups and is second in Australia’s all-time list for one-day international wickets.

#3 Shaun Tait (Australia)

Shawn Tait is a former Australian cricket player with a wild reputation for raw speed, as he could hit above 160 kph while bowling. Tait debuted for Australia in 2005 and has since appeared in 35 One-Day internationals and three tests. As a member of Australia’s 2007 World Cup-winning squad, Tait also participated in the tournament; between Tests and One-Day Internationals, he only took six wickets.

#4 Jeff Thomson (Australia)

Jeffrey Robert Thomson, popularly called “Thommo,” is one of the fastest bowlers in cricket history. With a bowling speed of above 160.6 kilometers per hour, Thomson was a force to be reckoned with. He’s a right-arm fast and hails from Australia. He first appeared in a national team match in 1972 and went on to participate in 51 Tests. Thomson was the opening partner of fellow fast bowler Dennis Lillee; their pair was legendary and is known to be remembered to date!

#5 Mitchell Starc (Australia)

Bowling at over 150 kilometers per hour, Mitchell Starz (hailing from Australia) also has a reputation for precision and a powerful swing. A left-arm fast bowler and a lower-order left-handed batsman, Starc has represented Australia in a total of 74 Tests and 107 One-Day Internationals since making his debut for the national team in 2010. Being regarded as one of the best limited-overs bowlers of all time, he was the highest-rated bowler in ODI cricket in 2015. As a Test bowler, he has 281 scalps, and as an ODI bowler, he has 200. Starc is a crucial member of Australia’s team and has competed in three World Cups. 


Among all the cricketers who have played, these five bowlers rank among the fastest ever. They are all gifted bowlers who can deliver the ball at lightning-fast rates, making life tough for the batsman. Batsmen have had a tough time dealing with the ball these bowlers throw because of its high pace. All of these bowlers are among the best of all time because of the success they have had in the sport.

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