Football hooligans, also referred to as football hooliganism, soccer hooliganism, or football rioting, are a group of people who engage in violence and destruction and call it love for Football teams. They practically loiter around the streets, forming a gang. Consequently, joining with people who share the same thought process and violent thinking as themselves.


They support a particular team, and if they win, they boo the losing team and make fun of them. But when their team loses, they break things around them, destroy the surroundings, and hurt people. 


There are several types of hooligans: some who support club teams and others who create ruckus at the national level. Hooligans supporting the national team may use a collective name indicating their allegiance.

The most famous of these gangs is the German hooligans, whose exploits are in the news every alternate day. 

German Hooligans

Recently, a video went viral on Twitter featuring 100s of German Hooligans who disguised themselves as England fans before destruction at a pub near Wembley Stadium. 


It was seen in the video that people were chilling and having their drinks, and suddenly a huge number of masked thugs came and started getting physical with the common people and destroyed the place. 


Some of the thugs were wearing England hats to disguise themselves and bandannas to fit in with the fans getting keen for kick-off last night.



As we saw in the video, the massacre didn’t last too long as the police arrived on time and arrested some of them, who later claimed to be England fans. 


They were caught red-handed ‘armed with machetes and knuckle dusters’ but this has not been confirmed by Scotland Yard.

Dozens of people got injured due to the carnage, and five of them were taken to the nearest hospital as they were severely injured. 


Someone claiming to be a witness wrote on Twitter: “Just having a few casual pints in the Green Man and all of a sudden 100 Germans come storming in, armed with weapons, attacking kids and elderly women.”

What is it like to be a German Hooligan?

Reading and listening to the news about these football Hooligans would probably have you thinking – what do they get from doing all this? Do they want to get the limelight and draw the attention of the common people? Nobody knows!


They are just a group of lunatics with silly attitudes. There are some misconceptions about the hooligans too. People think that German hooligans don’t like football; they just want to create chaos and destruction. But that’s not true. Some of them are real fans of football but they want their team to win every match they play. If they cannot, they take out their anger by doing violence. 


Becoming a part of hooligan allows you to get along with people of the same kind and the same thinking.  It also gives a sense of belongingness, a natural human need. It is like friends, wives and girlfriends, jobs, and houses, can come and go but your football club stays with you. 


They feel that they are true fans of football. However, it is nothing but a buzz with teenage adrenalin rush. When it does go off, they’ll regret their deeds. All in all, it seems like it is an enjoyable experience for the Hooligans who get satisfaction in violence and destruction.

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