When it comes to winning matches in FIFA, the goal in the last minute has always been a big factor. Be it the FIFA 2014 final goal by Toni Kroos or the 2018 quarter-final goal by Nacer Chali. Here’s the 6 Best Last Minute Goals in FIFA that (literally) drives every fan crazy.

1. David Beckham in the 93rd minute (FIFA Qualifier Semifinals) in England vs Greece 

David Beckham’s goal in the FIFA World Cup Qualifier 2001 England vs Greece match is one of the most breathtaking moments. Beckham scored the goal in the ninth third minute of the match, which made the team enter the 2001 FIFA World Cup. 

During the second last minute from the extra time, England luckily got the free-kick near the penalty box. Beckham, during injury time, converted the free-kick into a goal – and made sure that his team reached the finals. Watch the entire video embedded down below to experience the everlasting encounter.

2. Lionel Messi in the 93rd minute in Argentina vs Iran

During the Argentina and Iran match in FIFA 2014, Messi surprised the whole world with his one shot. Something happened in the last few minutes of that match that made Argentina far ahead in the race for the World Cup. The match was at its peak when 4 minutes of injury time was given. 

Everyone expected that it’s a draw. But in the 93rd minute, Messi scored a goal from almost midfield which resulted in a 1-0 victory over Iran. Watch the entire video embedded down below to relive the moment again! 

3. Toni Kroos in the 95th minute in Germany vs Sweden

In a FIFA match played in 2018, a moment came when everyone felt that the defending champions, Germany, would easily win the match. However, something extraordinary happened which turned the entire table. In the last minute of the match, Sweden was awarded a free kick just outside the penalty box. 

This looked almost impossible to convert into a goal. As they say, people’s fate is in their own hands – Tony Kruse did something magnificent and changed his fate. He converted an impossible free kick in the 95th minute to seal the victory for Sweden. Watch the video to experience the moment.

4. Christiano Ronaldo in the 88th minute in Portugal vs Spain

Talking about epic goals, it is possible that Cristiano Ronaldo is not named in it. In this match played between Spain and Portugal in the 2018 World Cup, something happened that raised Ronaldo’s respect in the eyes of all football fans.  

Ronaldo single-handedly led in the do-or-die match and did not let the team lose till the end. In this match, he scored a goal in the 88th and ended the match with a 3-3 score line. Ronaldo scored a hat trick in the match. Watch the entire video below!

5. Mario Gotze in the 113th minute in Germany vs Argentina (FIFA 2014 Final)

A moment from the 2014 FIFA final that turned the tide of the match and gave Germany its fourth World Cup title. It was Mario Gotze who made an impossible thing possible at Maracana Stadium, in Rio, Brazil. He scored the goal in the 113th minute in the 2014 final and won the match with a score line of 1-0. Watch the entire video embedded down below to experience the everlasting experience.

6. Nacer Chali in the 94th minute in Belgium vs Japan

Nasr Chali’s 94th-minute strike in the quarter-final match of FIFA 2018 vs Brazil was nominated for the Hyundai Goal of the Tournament. Though it could win the best goal of the tournament award, it surely broke the hearts of all the fans of Brazil throughout the globe. Watch the entire video embedded down below!

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