Harvey Elliott is an English professional footballer who plays for his national team and Premier League club, Liverpool. While he is an excellent midfielder the one thing that makes everyone curious is – his girlfriend. Do read till the end to find out more about his girlfriend Emelia Scarlett. 

Who is Emilia Scarlett?

Emelia Scarlett is well-known for being the girlfriend of English midfielder Harvey Elliott. The young lovebirds officially started their relationship in late 2021 after Elliot suffered a terrible ankle injury.

Apart from being known as Harvey’s girlfriend, Emilia is also a professional model and a popular Instagram influencer.

As of November 2022, it looks like their relationship is still going strong and Emelia often posts pictures of them on her Instagram and the many gifts she receives from her romantic footballer boyfriend.

Emelia is the type of lady who enjoys attention and has been dealing with it rather well about her being the girlfriend of the young footballer Harvey Elliot. Despite being as young as her famous boyfriend, the English bombshell has already established a strong fan following through her social media platforms.

Emelia Scarlett Biography 

Born in 2003 the same year as Harvey, Emilia is currently 19 years of age. Sadly, there’s not much information about Emilia and hence, we couldn’t find her exact birth date. However, it is highly assumed that the English model was born in August 2003.

So according to her birthday, Emilia’s star sign is probably Leo, which indicates that she has an extremely 

According to her birthday, Emelia Scarlett’s zodiac sign is Leo, which means that she has a very charismatic personality. Also, the interesting part is that people who are born under the star sign Leo are often believed to be extremely loyal, energetic, and affectionate about their work. Those people have leadership traits according to many people. 

Emelia Scarlett was born and raised in England. 

Emelia Scarlett Family

Apparently, Emilia has not disclosed anything about her family as she’s very private about it when it comes to her personal life. Therefore, there is no information about who her parents are and if she has any siblings or not. She never really shared any details about her personal life even though she’s pretty active on her social media.

Although this is not confirmed, it is reported that Emilia is from a very wealthy family. So since her parents are filthy rich she was raised as a princess. She has yet to reveal her parent’s identity and their profession as well as if Emilia is an only child or she has siblings.

Emilia Scarlett Career

Emelia Scarlett has an extensive career. She is a well-known TikTok Star, Model, and social media influencer. Her nationality is English. She was also featured in plenty of videos. Emilia is mainly known for being Harvey’s girlfriend who has a cute smile, gorgeous looks, sexy curves, and a wonderful personality. She is also among the most trending ladies on TikTok. Emilia is widely popular for her short funny video clips, dancing videos, and lip-syncs on TikTok. Currently, she has 64k followers on Instagram but her social media presence is rising at an amazing speed. She is likewise popular for her captivating Instagram snapshots and videos. 

We can say that Emilia’s professional career is as a model. She began working with M Models Management when she was in her early teenage years.

She was found out by M Models, who set up their company in 2018 and briefly became one of the top agencies for models in the United Kingdom.

Emelia Scarlett Education

Emelia Scarlett finished her education in the United Kingdom. After she graduated from high school, it is not known if she enrolled in University or if she went ahead and pursued her modeling career as an influencer on social media.

Emelia Scarlett Net Worth

Her current net worth is not revealed as it is still under review as of now and there’s no information on it either but once we hear anything from it we’ll be sure to update this section. Nevertheless, it is rumored that Emilia’s net worth may be around $200-300k.



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