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On February 7, 2021, NFL referee Sarah Thomas made sports history by becoming the first female Super Bowl officiator. Troy Vincent, executive vice president of football operations, recently declared, “Her exceptional performance and dedication to excellence have earned her the right to officiate the Super Bowl.” 

Here’s everything you need to know about the 47-year-old pro Sarah Thomas’ husband, Brian Thomas!

Who is Sarah Thomas?

Being the first female official to work full-time for the National Football League (NFL), Sarah Thomas is a legendary figure in the league’s history. In 2021, Sarah Thomas created history again by officiating a Super Bowl game. 

Prior to this, she had officiated varsity games while working as a marketing consultant for numerous businesses and was included in Sports Illustrated’s list of the 100 Most Important NFL Players of All Time. 


“Earnin,” a five-part documentary series, chronicles her ascent through the ranks as an official. In 2022, Peacock NBC hosted its debut. In a sport dominated by men, Sarah Thomas has established herself and is a shining example for female NFL officials in the future.

Who is Sarah Thomas’ husband, Brian Thomas?

Sarah Thomas’ husband is Brian Thomas; they have three children together. Sarah said to ABC News in 2013 that “I could not do this without the support of my husband and my kids.” 


Sarah has stated publicly how devoted Brian and her family are to her. “Refereeing is just what mom does because my kids have grown up here and have experienced refereeing.”


The New York Times claims that Brian coaches baseball in addition to selling medical supplies. The two tied the knot in 2000.


In 2009, Brian told the New York Times, “My intention was not to obstruct her path. To fit the kids into our routine, we have devised a strategy. She works all spring and summer, and in the fall, I work hard.

How did Sarah Thomas become a referee?

Both of Sarah’s brothers were football players. After graduating from college, she had gone with her brothers to an officials’ meeting because she wanted to stay involved in athletics. 


She began her career refereeing football games at middle school, varsity, and pee-wee levels in high school. Before becoming the first woman to officiate for the NCAA’s major college division in 2007, she worked for ten years as a school football referee. 


After being employed by Conference USA, she officiated bowl, championship, and even All-Star games. She was the first female bowl game official in 2009. Before being named an official by the National Football League (NFL), she even went on to officiate games in the United Football League.


Sarah played a variety of sports, including basketball and softball, and was an ardent sports fan. She went to Pascagoula High School and made history by being the first student to letter in softball five times during her time there. 


Thomas received a full basketball scholarship to the University of Mobile. She was named an Academic All-American and finished fifth in her college’s basketball history. Sarah Thomas finished her three years of college with 779 points, 441 rebounds, 192 steals, and 108 assists. Do watch out for more updates!


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