Lorenzo Musetti's Girlfriend

A popular Italian professional tennis player, Mr. Lorenzo Musetti is in the news for his dating status currently. Born on 3rd March 2002, the 20-year-old is 1.85 metres tall and weighs 75 kgs as of 2023. His professional career began in 2019. He is coached by Simone Tartarini presently.

Early life:

Lorenzo Musetti was born in Tuscany, Italy. He started playing tennis at the age of a mere 4 and became passionate about it. He has been coached by Simone since his childhood years which he finds extremely lucky. Born to Mr. Francesco and Mrs. Sabrina, he has always been supported and encouraged by his parents to keep growing and moving further. Growing up, his inspiration and idol have always been Roger Federer.

Professional career:

Lorenzo’s professional career began in 2019 when he got ranked number 1 in the juniors list of ITF. In 2020, people witnessed his ATP debut and in 2021, he was on the Top 100 list worldwide, ATP 500 semifinal, made his Grand Slam debut and much more.

In 2022, he got considered in the Top 25 list with his first two ATP titles and a Masters quarterfinal. In 2023, his Top 20 debut happened on 9th January.

Awards and Titles:

ITF Juniors Number 1 spot in 2019.

Winning against Emilio Nava and grabbing the 2019 Australian Open boys singles title.

Acquiring a wildcard in 2020 for Forte Village Sardegna Open.

He is spotted first at the Masters 1000 level and 2nd at the tour level.

He also won against Kei Nishikori who was the world’s no. 4 player at that time.

Relationships, Marriage:

If you are hearing news of Lorenzo and Veronica Confalonieri dating each other, then you’ve heard it right. Some reports state that after the heartbreaking breakup of Lorenzo Musetti and his ex-girlfriend, the tennis player went ahead to date Veronica Confalonieri. The couple also celebrated a lovely vacation whose pictures are out currently.

Rumors say that they are planning for a quick marriage and might move in together. While the player is achieving heights of success and dealing with a lot of practice right now, it seems he rests and finds peace with his current girlfriend Veronica. A couple of pictures showing them together at a beach and an event are out.

To speak of his past, the player confessed his sad breakup and its aftereffects on his game during the phase. But Veronica came in as a light and helped the player gain strength. The couple were spotted together at an event sponsored by Super Tennis wearing completely black and looking extremely stunning together.

Although there is not much information out about Veronica, some reports state that she is a professor while others are guessing she’s a model. Her beauty is definitely eye-catching and her body shape is as perfect as a model’s. But none of these statements are official or confirmed yet.

Fans are desperately looking for their marriage details and announcements which are not made anywhere presently. But they are requested to stay hooked and they might get a surprise soon.


The above article elaborates on the details of Lorenzo Musetti, a popular and highly skilled tennis player of 2023. The young 20-year-old player has gained the hearts of everyone with his performances and looks and none of the fans can stop looking for his dating details. With the information of his early life, beginning of tennis in his life and his professional career, the above article also shares details Lorenzo dating Veronica. The two were spotted recently together.

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