Best LA Clippers Players

There are plenty of clippers in the world but who are the “best of all time”? Well, there are several factors considered to be ranked on this list. Here’s a list of the 8 best Los Angeles Clippers. 

1. Elton Brand 

At the helm of keeping the Los Angeles Clippers relevant in the Western Conference, Elton Brand was ranked among the best in franchise folklore. His rebounding and scoring skills helped him secure seven seasons with the ball club. Elton Brand arrived at the LA Clippers at the age of 32. Immediately, he enamoured himself with the team’s fan base. Brand averaged 18.2 points, 11.6 rebounds and two blocks per game. 

2. Bob McAdoo 

Before his franchise moved to California and he became a part of the LA Clippers, Bob McAdoo spent most of his prime with the Buffalo Braves. When McAdoo came on board with the Braves, they made three trips to the NBA postseason. However, without much luck, they couldn’t make it past the semi-finals. From 1973 to 1976, McAdoo led the league in scoring. He scored a whopping 34.6 points per game in the 1974-75 campaign. He also racked up a casual 15 rebounds each night and 3.3 blocks that year.

3. Blake Griffin 

The epitome of the LA Clippers ‘Lob City teams, Blake Griffin entered the league as the first pick. Averaging 22.5 points and 12 rebounds, he took notice and made the NBA sit up. Always spinning and dunking on his opponents, Griffin became one of the greatest rookie campaigns of all time. After eight years, he averaged 21.6 points and 9.3 rebounds. He shot at 51% from the floor.

4. Chris Paul 

Chris Paul led the league in steals per game. He averaged 2.2 a night during his tenure of six years. Furthermore, he averaged 9.8 assists per game and amassed more than 4000 in total. On offence, he was at the peak of his game with two partners in the pick-and-roll and clinical shooters on the perimeter. Paul averaged 9.8 assists per game and amassed more than 4,000 in total, over 500 more than the next highest in the organization’s history.

5. Brent Barry 

Initially recognised as Rick Barry’s son, Brent Barry made an identity of himself during his rookie season after he was traded to the LA Clippers on draft night. He started 44 games and managed to score 10 points per game. Barry won the title with a Dr J-like dunk from the free-throw line. He only played for two seasons as a Clipper but was quite appreciated for his performance. 

6. Terry Dehere 

Known as one of the best point guards, Terry Dehere sits sixth all-time in three-pointers made, with 262. He was one of the best three-point shooters the team ever had! In 1995-96, Dehere scored 12.4 points per game and dished out 4.3 assists. He also helped the Clippers make the playoffs in 1996-97. Terry Dehere averaged 16.1 points and 5.4 assists on a per-36-minute basis.

7. Sam Cassell 

Sam Cassell’s leadership at point guard and capability to set up his teammates helped the team boost their win total by 10 games. He was also one of the major reasons why the LA Clippers made it to the conference semifinals in 2005-2006. Sam, however, didn’t spend much time in his career as a Clipper. He only played a shade for two seasons. But well, his impact on the franchise and fans was incredible!

8. Charles Smith 

Averaging 20 points over consecutive seasons with the LA Clippers, Charles Smith had an amazing impact on the franchise. He was the third overall pick in 1988. Smith played for four years in LA. His best season came in 1990-91 when he averaged 20.0 points and 8.2 rebounds.


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