Sandra Zouma

Who Is Sandra Zouma?

Meet the Wife of Kurt Zouma

Kurt Zouma’s wife, Sandra Zouma, is well-known as a West Ham football player. She works as a product manager. Learn more about her country of origin, wealth, trivia, and family by reading on.

Due to his outstanding achievements in the Premier League, Kurt Zouma has recently gained a lot of attention. One of the key players on the Chelsea team that accomplished amazing exploits last season was the World Cup-winning defence. He moved to West Ham last summer and has already shown his value.

There is no shortage of enthusiasm for him, and his career is undoubtedly on the upswing. But now we made the decision to put his professional life on hold and focus more on the life of his wife, Sandra Zouma. Many people are unaware of the fascinating life that French beauty leads. It has been difficult for the fans to seek her down because she prefers to keep a low profile. However, we have discovered a number of fascinating facts about her, which we will now provide in this piece. So keep reading!

Childhood and family of Sandra Zouma

Sandra is thirty years old because she was born in 1992. She is two years older than Kurt.  We currently don’t know anything about Sandra’s family. No information about her mother and father has been made public by her. We don’t know if she has siblings. We are aware that she was born in France and spent the most of her childhood there. We’re still looking for more information to learn more about her early life. So, keep reading to learn more about Kurt Zouma’s wife.

Sandra Zouma Education

Sandra finished her high school education at a local college. We made an effort to keep tabs on information on her further schooling, but it seems she hasn’t revealed much on the open platforms. However, the data we have indicates that Sandra has always gone out of her way to help people, maybe even when she was a little child. Her distinctive traits have developed through time, shaping her into the woman we know today.

Sandra Zouma’s professional life

Sandra is known to be a product manager for the nonprofit organization Seed. She spends her days assisting communities and making the world a better place. That isn’t the only limitation to her contribution to society. She and her spouse Kurt are also active in a number of humanitarian projects, and the couple contributes significantly to the cause.

It is clear from her work that Kurt Zouma’s wife is a passionate lady working for a good cause. She is unwilling to publicize her accomplishments and draw media attention to the enormous difference she is making. However, we feel that is a significant element of her personality.

Kurt and Sandra Zouma’s Children

The Zouma family has grown throughout the years. Kurt and his wife are the delighted parents of five lovely children. Shanna, their eldest daughter, has already entered the modeling profession and aspires to be a top star in the glamor world. The couple has two more children, Sihame and Sanaa. Ryan and Kais, their other two sons, are also boys.

Sandra Zouma Social media

Sandra has an Instagram with the username @sandrazouma. She is, however, hardly active on social media. She enjoys keeping herself occupied with charitable activity. On the other hand, she is not the type of person who likes to discuss details about her personal life on public venues. She has only shared four photographs, and there is no image of her sans her Display photo. Fans, though, continue to follow her. She already has a sizable audience of 22.5k followers. Sandra, on the other hand, might use this large audience to further her charitable foundation’s cause and raise a lot of money through donations. That would not be a terrible idea at all.

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