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Jalen Hurts is one of the most popular quarterbacks in the National Football League (NFL) as of now. The young QB earned quite a reputation when he led his squad, the Philadelphia Eagles, to a terrific 5-0 beginning at the commencement of the 2022 NFL season. The 6 ft 1 in is displaying much assurance and making restitution with the faith passed to him by the Eagles since Hurts was drafted in the NFL Draft in 2020.

Following his 2020 NFL draft by the Eagles, the twenty-four-year-old QB has ever since been in the spotlight for being one of the most talented players in the league and it’s no surprise that the media, his fans, and many others are interested to know more about his private life in detail and some other information about him as well but it looks like Hurts is excessively committed to the sport right now. However, for those who are curious about Hurts’ private life, read till the end to find out.

Jalen Hurts Past Relationships

Hurts is very devoted and has a charming personality. Unlike many others, he doesn’t let his popularity get the best of him. Even though the NFL player is quite popular with the ladies, he has only dated one woman officially for as long as he lived. Nowadays, you do not often see this type of person at all. Hurts keep his private life pretty private and away from the limelight and pretty much lives almost a simple life. However, the one relationship that he had had is with a girl named Bry Burrows, his fellow learner at the University of Alabama. Before he was drafted into the NFL by the Eagles, both Burrows, and Hurts were from the same batch and that’s how they two started their relationship. 

Even though Hurts only ever dated Burrows, their relationship was not that great. They two did not last for long and they ended up going their separate ways before Hurts relocated to Oklahoma to play in the NFL. The quarterback also officially confirmed that his relationship with Burrows was the only relationship he had.

Nevertheless, the couple is not entirely done. It was reported that the pair have been on and off since college finished. Burrows attended the season opener for the Eagles against the Falcons. She was present to support her boyfriend. However, nobody knows exactly for sure whether Burrows attended as his girlfriend or only as a good friend who came to support her friend. But one thing was clear she indeed was his lucky charm as Hurts’ team annihilated the Falcons, winning against them 32-6.

Jalen Hurts Current Girlfriend

As of January 2023, it looks like Hurts doesn’t have a girlfriend. He has been single for quite some years now. The only relationship that is known to the public is his relationship with Burrows which seemed to be over for good as the pair were off and on before finally calling it quits. So there you go, Hurts currently doesn’t have a girlfriend. 

Who is Jalen Hurts Ex-girlfriend?

As mentioned earlier, Hurts has only been in one relationship in his whole life, and is none other than Bry Burrows. The ex-flames were both fellow students at the University of Alabama. 

Although it is not exactly known when they two started dating, it is quite likely that Hurts and Burrows officially began dating somewhere in 2016, and till up to 2019. Because both of them were so focused on their careers, they had a rocky relationship and the duo was on and off before finally breaking up for good after dating for about three years. As of now, Hurts relationship status is single and as of Burrows it is not known.

Who is Bry Burrows? 

Bry Burrows is the ex-girlfriend of Hurts, the Eagles quarterback.

Burrows is a software financing leader for IBM. She excels in her academics during her University days in Alabama. She is tech-savvy and a consultant for one of the largest tech companies on the planet and she is concentrating on advancing her career furthermore. Like Hurts who excels in sports, Burrows too has so many academic achievements and has displayed great determination for every company she has previously worked for. 

Do Jalen Hurts and Bry Burrows share any children?

Jalen Hurts and Bry Burrows do not have any children. The two of them separated after dating for a brief period.

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