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Viktor Axelsen is a Danish badminton player, who began playing badminton at just six years of age. Viktor’s father is known by the name of Henrik Axelsen, who was also the first person to introduce him to badminton. Since he was a little child, he had great skills in badminton and joined the Odense Badminton Club as a result. When Axelsen was named 2004 Player of the Year by the Odense Badminton Club, he was 10 years old. The prodigal’s talented son went on to become the current world’s best athlete and a two-time Olympian.


Axelsen’s wife is Natalia Koch, and the couple have one of the sport’s most endearing love tales. They share a beautiful relationship and were childhood friends—here’s all the information about Victor Axelsen’s wife, Natalia Koch Rhode!

Who is Viktor Axelsen’s wife, Natalia Koch Rhode?

Viktor Axelsen’s wife, Natalia Koch Rhode, is a professional badminton player, who has competed for Denmark on numerous international stages. On October 15, 2020, Natalia Koch Rohde gave birth to a girl called Vega Rohde Axelsen. She then gave birth to a second daughter, Aya Rohde Axelsen, on October 7, 2022. Natalia is also assisting her father, Henrik Rohde, who served as the victorious Skovshoved team’s head coach in the 2017 Danish league, in coaching her husband, Viktor Axelsen.


Rhode’s husband, Viktor Axelsen, made the decision to relocate the entire family from Denmark to Dubai in August 2021, leaving the Danish national team in Copenhagen. He could exercise in the Nad Al Sheba Sports Complex (NAS Sports Complex) there. 


Natalia Koch Rohde is a well-known and one of the richest badminton players. Our research into Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider found Natalia Koch Rohde’s net worth to be $3 million. If we find more updates about Natalia Koch Rhode, we shall keep this space informed—stay connected with us until then!

How did Victor and Natalia meet?

Both Viktor Axelsen and Natalia are natives of Denmark. They were childhood best friends who later became each other’s lifelong partners and got married. When they attended a competition of the European mixed team badminton championships, which they also won in 2016 and 2018, their romance bloomed mostly between 2015 and 2017. Both Viktor and Natalia were successful in those matches, and as a result, their relationship and friendship took on new significance. They now have two little girls who were born in 2020 and 2022, respectively, and they are proud parents.


Natalia Koch Rhode and Viktor Axelsen have two kids so far. First up is a young woman by the name of Vega Rhode Axelsen. She gave birth to Aya Rhode Axelsen, her second child, in October 2022. Stay connected with us for further updates!

FAQs about Natalia Koch Rohde

  1. Natalia Koch Rohde’s Height and Weight

Natalia’s height is 1.80 meters tall—however, her weight is currently unknown


  1. What does Natalia Koch Rohde do for a living?

Natalia Koch Rhode is also a professional Badminton player.


  1. Natalia Koch Rohde’s Education

There isn’t much information regarding the educational background of Natalia Koch Rohde.


  1. How old is Natalia Koch Rohde?

Natalia Koch Rohde was born on 1 August 1995, which currently makes her 27 years of age.

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