3 Types of Sports Games

Sports statistics are a great way to show the size and scale of many of the world’s top sporting events. For example, did you know that most of the US population surveyed said they tune in to watch a sporting event on their television or device at least once every month? Events like the Superbowl are also huge cultural events, transcending the sport. Just think how many folks are watching those high-budget half-time shows by The Rolling Stones, Shakira, or Dr. Dre. 


With the gaming industry going into turbo mode in recent decades, taking us from 2D games like Pong through to amazing, hyper-realistic simulations, it is almost inevitable that there are some crossovers. People all want different things from gaming, and while some people want to live in the world of Pokemon and Zelda, others want to live vicariously and pretend they’re the new Erling Haaland or Patrick Mahomes.

Sports Slot Games at Online Casinos

Some casinos offer more than 5,000 different slot games, which is an unbelievable number and more choices than most casino gamers could ever try, plus there are loads of companies developing new games. When you navigate to the slots area of a casino site there are very likely to be new games every month or even every week.


The huge variety on the market is one of the reasons why slot companies and casinos create themes, so people can easily discover the best slots and casino games for sports fans if they love sports, or explore other themes such as movies or history depending on what someone is interested in. 


Sports slot games can incorporate many different slot features and themes, and in the modern age of slots, there are plenty of mini-games and bonuses that mean sports slot games can have more than just a few symbols based on sports. Instead, they can include realistic graphics of sports fields and other mechanics that relate closely to the sport in question. There are soccer games, basketball games, football games, and even some games for more minority sports or themed around specific tournaments. When there is a big competition on television it is possible that there will be a big spike, with people looking to play soccer slots when the World Cup is on. 

Sports Quizzes and Trivia For Sporting Buffs

There is an incredible amount of data created over the season in sporting competitions, and news stories every single day relating to the top sports stars. All of this means that people can work on their skills as an MLB or soccer buff and become a font of all knowledge relating to their favorite sport. 


Sporcle is one of the most popular platforms for finding these kinds of quizzes, and they can get pretty niche, meaning only true sports buffs have a chance. One of the quizzes requests that players name all of the NFL quarterbacks taken in the first round of the NFL Draft since 1983. These are great fun games to play with friends (or against your buddies if you are feeling competitive) and the quizzes are likely to spark a lot of memories of seasons past as well as amazing players we’ve seen grace the fields all over the US.

Sports Simulator Games and Management

Sports simulation games put you in the role of sporting pros, meaning you can live out your dreams from childhood on your Xbox or PlayStation console, such as becoming a pro football player as good as Lionel Messi or a successful cricket coach like Andy Flower. 


Football Manager is one of the biggest games of this kind, and it has a huge depth of detail, as wannabe soccer coaches enjoy things like player management and even the coaching and scouting side of the game. It’s proof you don’t need spectacular graphics to make a great game, regularly seeing tens of thousands of soccer strategists playing at any one time, trying to emulate Pep Guardiola or Sir Alex Ferguson and build their footballing dynasty. Unsurprisingly a lot of them are in the UK, the home of the world’s biggest football league, but the managerial simulator is big in France, the US, Italy, and Turkey, and players value its depth and detail.


There are so many different sports games out there, and some focus on the mechanics of actually playing the game, such as FIFA, F1 Manager, or Madden, which is an EA Sports game focusing on the NFL and allowing players to take on the role of player or coach depending what they are most into. 


EA is also the developer behind the FIFA franchise that has been going since the 90s with new updates every year, but it will be called EAFC from 2024 onwards.


Everyone games in their own unique way, and that means you might be looking for a management simulator where you can play out decades of in-game time, or it might mean you just want a quick and easy sports game to play on your mobile device. With so many sports games in development, there’s bound to be something for you. 

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