Who said Hockey is an easy sport? Just by the name itself sounds too complex. Those who don’t know and the ones who already know are pretty much aware that hockey is a very complicated and exhausting sport but some women are tough enough to play this sport. These extraordinary ladies’ hockey players are several of the best ones, and it clearly shows why they are on this list. They are bold, strong, proud, and beautiful. In this post, we bring you the top 10 best female hockey players:

  • Anna Prugova

Anna Prugova

Russian hockey player Anna Prugova who’s on the top of the list started playing for the Russian national team way back in 2010 and has been outstanding ever since. She was the youngest player to have joined the Olympic Women’s Hockey tournament in 2010. So with such excellent achievements, there’s no doubt about her being placed at the top. 

  • Meeri Raisanen

Meeri Raisanen

In second place, we have Meeri Raisanen. Another outstanding player who has played goalkeeper for the Finnish national team. Raisanen also played for Robert Morris University just outside of Pittsburgh until 2011 and has been more active recently in Jääkiekon Naisten SM-Sarja, the Finnish women’s pro league, in expansion to the national team.

  • Angelina Goncharenko

Angelina Goncharenko

Angelina Goncharenko is an outstanding defender who has played for the national team of Russia at two World Championships and the Olympics. Which is why she is placed at number three on the list.


Currently, Angelina plays for a team in Moscow in the widely-known Russian Women’s Hockey League. In 2013, she won a bronze medal with the national team at the Women’s Ice Hockey World Championship but had not enlisted a point in that contest.

  • Hilary Knight 

Hilary Knight 

Hilary Knight possesses five gold medals at the World Championship since 2008 and two silver medals at the Olympics in 2010 and 2014.


She has been one of the most impressive player of the past decade. She is not just remarkably talented but her beauty is top tier making many of the models jealous.

  • Tanja Eisenschmid

Tanja Eisenschmid

Tanja Eisenschmid has been a dependable fellow of the German national team since 2013, and currently, she plays for the University of North Dakota women’s hockey team. Although she hasn’t won any medals she’s a great asset to any team.

  • Emerance Maschmeyer

Emerance Maschmeyer

Emerance Maschmeyer is another outstanding player. She has won a few medals in the under-18 World Championship and at the 2015 World Championship in Sweden as well. 

  • Viona Harrer

Viona Harrer

She’s been playing competitive hockey for a long ten years now and has played not only for the women’s national squad but also played in a professional men’s league. It’s no wonder why she is placed in the top seven on the list with such incredible achievements.

  • Susanna Tapani

Susanna Tapani

Susanna Tapani plays for HPK as of now which is the most popular Women’s League in Finland. She is a Left-winger Susanna who have won two bronze medals with the Finnish women’s national squad at the 2011 and the World Championships in 2015.


In 2014, she also played in Sochi Olympics and briefly played for the University Of North Dakota. 

  • Halli Krzyzaniak

Halli Krzyzaniak

Currently, Hallu Krzyzaniak is considered as one the most versatile players in the Canadian women’s hockey squad. She plays defense and is incredibly skilled at what she does. She possesses a gold medal with the squad of Canadian under-18, and since 2013, she has been actively playing for the University Of North Dakota.

  • Amanda Kessel

Amanda Kessel

Amanda Kessel is a substantial member of the United States women’s national squad. However, Kessel recently decided to retire from Hockey entirely when she was still playing for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers because of her health issues.


Her health concern being the concussion which she had a minor accident and hit her head hard during the Sochi Olympics and she started to get anxious that she would suffer severe health problems if she proceeded to play and risk another major bang to her head.




The above mentioned names are some of the best female hockey players in the world. All of these players have extraordinary talents and skills. Playing hockey is indeed one of the hardest sports, as per an expert analysis. Kudos to these strong-willed women for accomplishing that effortlessly. In this day and age where male athletes conquer the sports field, these females have assisted in closing the gap, and the outcome makes a huge difference.

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