NFL wide receiver Randall Cobb of the New York Jets is facing a punishment of $13,889 for unnecessary roughness during a hard-hitting preseason finale between the New York Jets and the New York Giants. Cobb illegally blocked Giants defensive back Bobby McCain from the blindside during the game, which led to the fine.


The event, which required concussion treatment for Bobby McCain, demonstrates the league’s dedication to player safety and the tight enforcement of rules against risky actions. The NFL pays special attention to blindside blocks in particular because of the danger they pose to players.

Wide receiver Randall Cobb, a seasoned player, is renowned for his dexterity and aptitude on the field. To safeguard their fellow athletes, even seasoned professionals must abide by the league’s safety rules, as this fine offers as a reminder.


Bobby McCain’s admission to the concussion protocol emphasises how serious the block was and how stringent enforcement of sanctions is required in such circumstances. The NFL continues to place a high focus on player safety, and penalties like this one are meant to discourage risky actions.

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