The Pittsburgh Steelers, long a powerhouse in the NFL, have not only been successful on the field but have also emerged as a breeding ground for future NFL ownership. Over the past decade, several individuals who were part of the Steelers’ limited partnership have gone on to become majority owners of other NFL teams, creating an interesting dynamic within the league.


This trend began with Jimmy Haslam, who purchased the Cleveland Browns, followed by David Tepper, who acquired the Carolina Panthers, and Josh Harris, who became the owner of the Washington Commanders. However, the ownership landscape in the NFL comes with its own set of rules and limitations.


As it turns out, Josh Harris and David Blitzer, co-owners of the Commanders, are now required to divest their stake in the Steelers due to NFL regulations. This five percent equity stake is reportedly in high demand, with current limited partner Thomas Tull said to be engaged in negotiations to acquire it. However, he’s not alone in his interest, as other limited partners within the Steelers’ ownership group are also eyeing this opportunity.


The Steelers’ ownership structure is unique, with 18 members in the ownership group, and while the Rooney family holds the reins, the minority partners collectively own more than 50 percent of the team. This situation could potentially become more intriguing if one of the limited partners, like Thomas Tull, decides to make a move for a majority share of the franchise, leading to potential shifts in control.


For now, the focus remains on the sale of the stray five percent, but the ever-evolving landscape of NFL ownership may hold more surprises in the future as individuals with ties to successful franchises like the Steelers continue to make their mark on the league.

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