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Is Sharife Cooper dating the Instagram and OnlyFans model Ash Kaash?

Sharife is literally on a global newsfeed after he uploaded a picture on IG with his new girlfriend Ash Kaash, who’s notably an OnkyFans model. Fans are left wondering if the pro basketball player and Ash are actually dating. So like, what are the stats? Let’s find out…

Who is Sharife Cooper?

Sharife Cooper is a basketball player who plays for College Park Skyhawks and Atlanta Hawks. Having started his basketball career in high school, the 20-year-old has since then played for two different leagues, which is pretty amazing. He was drafted with Atlanta Hawks in 2021, and his gameplay has been well-received and spoken about. Since 2020, Cooper has been playing for the NBA G League.     

About Sharife Cooper’s girlfriend: Ash Kaash 

Ash Kaash acquired a lot (A LOT) of fame after being seen with the famous NBA player, Sharife. She’s a famous IG model and social media influencer in her aboriginal country. Ash is also a sensation on OF. 


The stunning model came to the public attention (negatively) after a video of her and her ex blew up on Twitter. In the video, she gave her ex some very aggressive oral, which raised vigilance. Ash wasn’t much affected by the scandal and went on with her life. 


As of 2023, Sharife and Ash are officially dating and have been seen going on several dinner dates, holding hands, and spending time with each other. 

Yes, Sharife Cooper is dating model Ash Kaash.

The social media sensation Ash Kaash and the NBA star Sharife Cooper are officially dating, yes, and have been papped together myriad times. While they are yet to make an official statement on their relationship, it’s pretty apparent to the spectators anyway. 


Kaash, however, did give her fans a sneak-peak of her relationship through an IG story where the couple was seen hanging out at a dinner party. The social media influencer and OF sensation was born and raised in Illinois, Chicago, while her boyfriend Sharife is from Newark, New Jersey.


Today, Ash enjoys 5.4M followers on Tiktok and 2.5M on instagram. She has a subscription to OnlyFans as well. 

Sharife Cooper And Ash Kaash Net Worth

Sharife Cooper and Ash Kaash’s net worths are not computed yet – however, they are seen having fun and enjoying their life from the money they make through their respective careers. 


Kaash stated in her 2018 photo on Instagram that she will be a millionaire, and now she is estimated to have a net worth of $3 million. We don’t have official data yet. 


Also, Ash is four years older than the NBA champ. She’s 24 years old, while Sharife is 20. 

Sharife Cooper wiki: Career, Education, and Family

Sharife Cooper is a young basketball NBA player who’s made a dramatic impact in the world of sports with his talent and practice. He was born to Kindall Cooper and Omar Cooper and grew up with his three siblings, Tea Cooper, Mia Cooper, and Omar Cooper.


He’s always been outspoken about his family and their role in making him what he is today. “My parents have shaped my character and values,” he said in an interview. 


As for his education, Sharife Cooper went to McEachern High School in Georgia, where he sharpened his basketball abilities and acquired a fondness for the sport.


Later on, he attended Auburn University, where he played professional college basketball and made a name for himself as one of the most promising young players in the game!

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