Ash Barty's Husband

One can’t deny that Ash Bertie was a well-known personality in the Tennis world. Along with his impeccable playing style on the court, Ash is making headlines nowadays for her relationships. Even after being away from the game for many years, people still haven’t stopped showering and adoring her. 


With his long-term and cute relationship, she inspires all the couples today. During an interview on November 15, shortly after this engagement, when he was asked about her relationship, she replied, “Garry and I have been together for a long time now and I had designed the ring with him.” 


She added, “We are obviously excited now for the next chapter. We were at home on the couch with the puppies. It was very much just us. It was perfect for us. Everyone has their unique way of doing it.” 


All About Ash Barty

Ashleigh Burty, better known as Ash Burty, is a former Australian athlete. He played three sports internationally. But he did not earn as much fame in cricket and golf as he earned from tennis. She was among the best tennis players of her time. 


She bid goodbye to tennis at a young age; she was born on April 24, 1996, and is only 26. But he has earned so many names at age 26 that hardly any player can earn. Currently, she is the National Indigenous Tennis Ambassador for Australia Tennis Association. 


She won the Female Sportsperson of the Year for 3 consecutive years (2017, 2018, 2019) at National Dreamtime Awards. 



She has won multiple national and international Wimbledon tournaments at a very young age. One of her best wins was at the age of 15 in the Girls’ Singles Wimbledon tournament. She won the WTA title at age of 21. After winning this totle, he directly achieved 17 positions in the world ranking.

Who is Ash Barty’s Husband?

For the first time, Ash Barty and Garry Kissick met during his practice at Brookwater Golf Club. During one of her interviews, she told that when he was going to his practice to take a round of golf, she met a golfer named Garry. She had no clue that after that small conversation, her life would change; a stranger she did not know would be the most important person. Soon after that meeting, they started dating and are still doing it today. 



People had no idea they were dating until 2017 when Ash took Gary to the Newcombe Awards. On that day, she won his biggest tennis achievement award. She wanted to experience that moment with the lover of her life. Barty gave the credit of her successful tennis career to Gary. 


After dating for five years, the two got engaged in November 2021 and got married in July 2022. The former world’s number one tennis player publicly announced the news of her pregnancy in 2023. 


With an Instagram post, “He’s extremely patient with me, and when we met he didn’t know a lot about tennis,” she explained.


She added, “He’s kind of been thrown in the very deep end in understanding what the tour is like and how much we’re apart… he’s the best person to have around in the sense of switching off from tennis and being able to bring the fun and laughter when we are training and not be so serious all the time.”


All About Ash Barty’s Husband – Garry Kissick 

Gary Kissick is a Professional Golf Player and PGA Trainer at Brookwater Golf & Country Club in Brisbane. He is currently 32 years old and works as a caddy for Aussie golfer Louis Dobbelaar. There is no more information about him on the internet, but according to his LinkedIn, he has been working for Brookwater Club since 2018.  




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