Michael Strahan's Girlfriend

Michael Strahan is a prominent name in the United States, having achieved success as both a television personality and NFL player. He’s making headlines for his relationship with Kayla Quick, a former stripper and American model. This article discusses Michael Strahan’s girlfriend, Kayla Quick! 

All About Michael Strahan

Born on November 21, 1971, in Houston, Texas, Michael Anthony Strahan is the son of Louise (Traylor) Strahan, a basketball coach, and Gene Willie Strahan, a boxer and retired Army Major. He’s the youngest of six children in his family. 


Michael’s career as an NFL player began when New York Giants drafted him; during his 15-year professional career as a defensive end for the Giants, he’s acquired myriad accolades for his spectacular performances. Currently, he holds the joint record for most single-season quarterback sacks! His success climaxed when he helped the Giants defeat the New England Patriots in 2007 in Super Bowl XLII. 


Since then, Michael Strahan has become a prominent TV personality. Michael Strahan is truly an inspiration to aspiring athletes around the world; from humble beginnings to achieving NFL greatness, his story shows that anything is possible if you work hard enough for it! Read on to learn about his girlfriend…

Who is Michael Strahan’s Girlfriend?

Michael Strahan’s girlfriend is Kayla Quick, an American model and former stripper. Born and raised in California, she worked as a nurse initially; she faced many struggles growing up, including the death of one of her siblings at a young age. Not having his father around plus losing a sibling, Kayla became rebellious. However, she managed to bring her life around and pursued a career in modeling. 

In 2017, Quick met Michael Strahan through mutual friends and the pair have been together ever since. Since their relationship began, Kayla has become something of a celebrity figure due to Strahan’s fame as an NFL star turned television personality. She has appeared on numerous TV shows alongside him and has even made guest appearances on his own show “Strahan & Sara” on ABC News Live! Additionally, she also posts pictures of herself with Michael on social media. 

In recent months, Michael and Kayla have become more public with their relationship and are seen hanging out and going for dinners – literally doing what a couple in love does! They have been dating each other for a few years now – however, there is no indication as to whether or not they will tie the knot any time soon. While it’s no wonder that the couple make an amazing team and fans would go crazy when they marry, the wedding still seems a long way from now. 

All about Kayla Quick

Kayla Quick is an American model who was born and raised in the United States by a single mother. She had an extremely rough childhood and teenage, but she managed to find success in modeling. Before becoming a full-time model, Kayla was a stripper and waitress. In 2017, she met Michael Strahan at an event, and their relationship has only grown ever since. 

The first time that Michael Strahan and Kayla Quick were seen together publicly was at the 2015 Super Bowl after-party; since then they have attended various events such as charity galas, award shows – even going on vacations abroad with each other’s families! It appears that there is no shortage of love between them!

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