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John Smoltz is not an unknown name in baseball; from his time as an excellent pitcher to his entry to the Baseball Hall of Fame, John has had a phenomenal career. But at the heart of this success story, one person has contributed heavily, and that’s his wife – Kathryn Darden. After a blind date that blossomed into a beautiful relationship and marriage, John and Kathryn have come a long way. 


The couple got married in 2009 and have two daughters. Here’s everything you need to know about John Smoltz’s wife, Kathryn’s relationship! 

Who is John Smoltz?

Born on May 15, 1967, John Smoltz is one of the most celebrated players in MLB history. 


After playing for The Atlanta Braves from 1988 to 2009, he secured the title of All-Star (eight-times) and World Series Champion (once) in 1995. His incredible performances weren’t only recognized by baseball fans and sportswriters. 


The MLB superstar made headlines with his personal life when he married Kathryn Darden in 2009 after meeting her on a blind date. Today, the couple has two daughters; however, John also has children from his previous marriage. 


John Smoltz’s dedication to excellence exemplifies what it means to be an athlete both professionally and personally — something that will surely continue long after he retires from baseball. 

Who is John Smoltz’s Wife?

Kathryn Darden, the wife of John Smoltz, is a mother of two who was originally from Atlanta. She and John met on a blind date at Taco Mac in 2008, and eventually tied the knot in 2009. The couple had two daughters together: Sara Kathryn and Ashley.

Darden has actively supported her husband’s philanthropic efforts throughout his career. She has worked with various charities, such as the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, to support children suffering from critical illnesses or cancer.

Being a passionate traveler who loves to explore new places with her family, Kathryn loves going on outdoor adventures with her daughters, and often shares pictures on social media. She also enjoys reading, cooking, yoga, and other activities. As per reports, Kathryn works as a real estate agent in Georgia. 

All about Kathryn Darden

Kathryn Darden is a renowned real estate agent working in Georgia. Her background is quite interesting and inspiring. Before marrying John Smoltz, she was formerly married to Todd Dwight Waters for 16 years before getting divorced in 2004. After her divorce, Kathryn focused on raising her daughter and building a successful career as a real estate agent before meeting John Smoltz on their blind date.

Since then, Kathryn has been an active supporter of her husband’s philanthropic efforts and loves traveling with her family. John Smoltz said about Kathryn that “She is incredibly strong-willed and determined with a heart of gold – she’s the glue that keeps our family together”. 

It’s clear that Kathryn values hard work, dedication and commitment – all qualities that have enabled her to be successful both professionally and personally throughout her life. Despite ending their marriage earlier this year, it is evident that she will always remain an important part of Smoltz’s life due to the close bond they share with one another.

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