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Having started his professional football career in 1998 at five years of age with BV Rentfort, Julian Draxler was born in Gladbeck, Germany. He joined Schalke 04 in 2001 and graduated from the club’s youth program in 2011. Julian played in a Bundesliga game on January 15, 2011, becoming the youngest player in Schalke history to do so. The midfielder scored his first goal as a professional on January 25, 2011, scoring in stoppage time to give Schalke the win over FC Nürnberg in the DFB-Pokal quarterfinals. 


Julian would also tally in the DFB-Pokal championship match as Schalke defeated MSV Duisburg. The erratic German was named 2013/14 Bundesliga Young Player of the Year after scoring 30 goals and dishing out 29 assists in 170 competitive appearances while playing for Schalke 04 in Germany. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Julian Draxler’s girlfriend!

Who is Julian Draxler’s Girlfriend, Sethanie Taing?

Julian Draxler was previously said to be dating Sethanie Taing. Jessica Aidi, Marco Verratti’s fiancée, assisted Julian Draxler in meeting his girlfriend. Stephanie and Jessica had been great friends for a very long time. Draxler was going through a difficult time at the time because he had recently ended his long-term relationship with Lena Stiffel.


However, after meeting Sethanie, continuing didn’t seem challenging. They didn’t begin dating until after their first encounter. They did, however, succeed in keeping their union secret from the general public for a considerable amount of time. In 2019, on Christmas Eve, they made their relationship known to the public.


Since then, they have remained unbreakable. Both of them are enjoying successful careers at this point. But they are still young and have much to accomplish. The couple hasn’t yet welcomed any kids, either. They are incredibly energetic and young in their field of work. They may therefore hesitate before making such a crucial choice.


Julian Draxler was the fourth-youngest player in the Bundesliga and the youngest player in Schalke history. On August 31, 2015, Draxler signed a five-year contract worth €36 million with VfL Wolfsburg. Draxler wanted to leave VfL Wolfsburg and join another team, and the club would let him accept a tempting offer.


On December 24, 2016, the club VfL Wolfsburg announced that Draxler will be joining PSG for four years and a cost of €42 million. This transfer deal was finalized on January 3, 2017. Stay tuned for more updates!

Julian Draxler’s Net Worth 

The attacking midfielder signed a contract with Paris Saint-Germain in January 2017 that gives him a staggering salary of 7.1 million euros ($6.2 million) annually. According to our calculations, he makes €35,197 ($30,707) per day and €1,467 ($1,279) each hour.


The German midfielder played in the Bundesliga for Schalke 04 and VfL Wolfsburg before joining Paris Saint-Germain in 2017. The 26-year-old’s net worth is €38 million (£33 million); nevertheless, the midfielder’s value has fallen to €35 million (£30.5 million) due to a lack of regular playing time at PSG. 

Julian Draxler Age

The date of Julian Draxler’s birth is September 20, 1993. Julian Draxler is 29 years old; he stands 6 feet 1 inches tall and weighs 72 kg, according to surprisesports.


If we find any further updates about Julian Draxler or Stephanie Taing, we shall keep this space updated—please stay connected with us until then!

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