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Glenn Maxwell is an Australian cricketer who is married to Vini Raman. The couple exchanged vows in a private ceremony that included Christian and Hindu traditions on March 27, 2022. Both were dressed beautifully for the occasion in Indian garb, with Maxwell donning a Sherwani. A year later, in May 2023, the couple learned about the pregnancy, and are expecting a child shortly. 

Recently, much speculation has been about Glenn Maxwell’s wife and his relationship with her – here’s everything we know!

Who is Glenn Maxwell’s wife, Vini Raman?

Glenn Maxwell’s wife is Vini Raman, who happens to be a pharmacist, currently living in Melbourne, where she was also raised. She is one of the two Hindu South Indian daughters born into the family. Vini Raman is highly active on social media and enjoys sharing glimpses into her life, which primarily revolves around her husband, Glenn Maxwell. 


After Glenn Maxwell attended the Australian Cricket Awards in 2019 holding hands with his girlfriend, she gained quite some popularity. Swimming, traveling, and attending live sporting events at the stadium are some of her favorite activities to do.


Vini Raman, Glenn Maxwell’s wife, is a Melbourne, Australia native. She completed her medical sciences education there, where she was born and raised, and then went on to become a pharmacist. She is quite close to her family, and frequently shares adorable pictures of her niece on social media.

How did Glenn Maxwell meet Vini Raman?

Though little is known about Glenn and Vini’s past together, it’s thought that they first connected at a Melbourne Stars event – and dated for a while before deciding to get engaged. Vini posted a photo of herself and Glenn Maxwell together on her Instagram page in August 2017, which led to some speculation that the two were dating. 

What is the profession of Vini Raman?

Vini Raman works as a pharmacist; she completed her pharmacy studies at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and is employed as a clinical pharmacist there right now. Besides being a full-time pharmacist, Vini also owns a beauty blog, which she uses to educate her audience on the various aspects of skincare and makeup products. 

Who is Glenn Maxwell?

Born on October 14, 1988, Glenn James Maxwell is an Australian professional cricketer who has played test cricket for Australia – and also represents the national cricket squad in the One Day International and Twenty20 International game types. 


In domestic cricket in Australia, Maxwell plays for Victoria and Melbourne Stars. He’s also played for Australia in both the teams that won the ICC T20 World Cup in 2021 and the Cricket World Cup in 2015, where he scored the game-winning boundary to give his nation its first-ever T20 world championship.


Born in Kew, Victoria, Maxwell played junior cricket for South Belgrave CC, where he started off playing cricket as a fast bowler before changing his run-up and switching to bowling off-spin. Despite this, he also possesses a throw that is deceptively accurate and forceful to cause run-outs. 


Not to mention, his utterly vivacious confidence and professionalism for playing flashy shots, particularly a wide variety of sweep shots got him the nickname “The Big Show” but he favors the moniker “Maxi!”


If we find more potential information about Glenn Maxwell and his wife Vini Raman, we shall keep this space updated – until then, please stay connected with us!

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