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In the realm of American football, Carson Wentz is a well-known figure. He is the Indianapolis Colts’ starting quarterback in the National Football League (NFL). While Carson Wentz has attracted a lot of attention for his performance on the pitch, his wife Madison Oberg has also established herself as a noteworthy individual. We shall examine Madison Oberg and her relationship with Carson Wentz in more detail in this post.

Madison Oberg Early Life and Education 

Born in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1997, Madison Oberg was raised in a Christian household. She graduated from high school in Missouri and went on to Ozark Christian College in Joplin to further her studies. Madison studied children’s ministry and took part  in volleyball for the college team. However, her information is limited as she kept her Instagram account @mads_wentz on private. 

Madison Oberg Career and Volunteering

Madison Oberg began working as a full time teacher in Haiti after receiving her degree from college. She worked as a volunteer at a nearby orphanage when she was living out in the country and educating kids. Madison has a love for helping others and has worked with the Carson Wentz-founded AO1 Foundation. She has also participated in a number of the foundation’s activities, which directly aim to help people and communities in need. 

Family and Marriage 

As Madison Oberg and Carson Wentz were both attending colleges in Missouri, their paths initially crossed. The couple in love then got engaged in 2018 after a year of dating. They got engaged at a private ceremony where just their closest family and friends were present. The couple got married in July 2018. 

In April 2020, Madison and Carson gave birth to a baby girl named Hadley Jayne. In November 2021, the couple welcomed their second child  Hudson. 

Madison and Carson have kept their personal affairs very quiet and haven’t talked much about their relationship in interviews or on social media. Yet, they have been seen hanging out with each other’s families and attending numerous events together.

Madison’s Influence on Carson Wentz’s life

Carson Wentz has talked about Madison’s uplifting impact on his life. Carson said that “she’s just been so supportive, and she’s been my rock through a lot of ups and downs” in an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer. She was also recognised for keeping him grounded and goal-focused. 

Also, Madison has been a vocal supporter of Carson’s football endeavours. She has been seen supporting him from the stands at many of his games. She is and always has been my biggest supporter, Carson said in an exchange with NBC Sports Philadelphia. 


Madison Oberg has established a name for herself through her charitable work and support of her husband’s career, despite the fact that she is not as well-known as her spouse Carson Wentz. Madison has become a significant person in Carson’s life because of her dedication to helping others and unfailing support for him. Fans will likely remain interested in the lives of this NFL power couple as long as Carson plays for the Indianapolis Colts.

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