Yuki Tsunoda's Girlfriend

Who is Yuki Tsunoda’s girlfriend? Who is the F1 racer dating in 2023? Although he has frequently acknowledged being in a relationship, his girlfriend’s identity remains a mystery. And now he admits that, despite his rigorous F1 schedule, he speaks to her the most, ignoring his best friend Pierre Gasly in the interim. Tsunoda was recently questioned by Red Bull Japan about his favorite conversation partner. In response, the Japanese race car driver says, “My Girlfriend.” So, who is this lucky girl?


After making his Formula One debut in 2021, the young Japanese driver established an everlasting bond with his teammate Pierre Gasly. The two frequently engage in funny but embarrassing off-topic moments, which has frequently led the fans to come up with crazy hypotheses about the couple. However, given that the French lad is already dating Ukrainian social media influencer Katerina Berezhna, they are obviously just for laughs.

Here’s everything you need to know about Yuki Tsunoda’s girlfriend—Katerina Berezhna!

Who is Yuki Tsunoda dating? 

A user recently succeeded in bringing up the subject of girlfriends during the Apex Legends live stream. The user asked Tsunoda thoughtfully, “I know this is like uh personal to ask or anything like that but you have a girlfriend or…”


“Yeah!” Before asking the user the same question, Tsunoda responded, stating that he is no longer single. Another query was raised by Tsunoda’s gaming companion. He questioned, “Is she Japanese or…?” and the 22-year-old replied, “No! She is from Europe. Overall, the controversy has been resolved; Tsunoda, like the rest of his F1 teammates, is not single. 


Yuki Tsunoda is dating Katerina Berezhna as of 2023; the couple have reportedly been together for some time now. However, there isn’t much information available about Katerina, as she seems to be a private person. Besides, even Yuki doesn’t share much about her on his Instagram or Twitter handles, probably respecting her privacy. We are keeping an eye out; as soon as we find any information, we shall keep this space updated—please stay connected with us until then!

Who is Yuki Tsunoda?

Yuki Tsunoda, who goes by Tsunoda Yki, is a Japanese racing driver who now drives for Scuderia AlphaTauri in Formula One. He has been backed by Honda since 2016 as part of the Honda Formula Dream Project [ja], and in 2019 he also received support from Red Bull. He placed third in the 2020 Formula 2 Championship, and for AlphaTauri, he made his Formula One début in 2021.


Tsunoda, a Kanagawa native, began his professional racing career in the JAF Junior Racing Championship in 2010. He later advanced to the regional class in 2013 and the national class in 2014. Tsunoda earned his advanced formula diploma from Honda’s Suzuka Circuit Racing School [ja] in 2016 and joined the Honda Formula Dream Project [ja]. He made his single-seater debut in the F4 Japanese Championship that same year while racing for the Sutekina Racing Team in a special Suzuka event. 


Yuki began his first full season of single-seater competition in 2017 while simultaneously competing in the JAF F4 Japanese Championship’s regional East series. He would triumph on his debut race at Okayama. While placing third in the national Formula 4 championship, Tsunoda won the regional championship. He raced for Honda in both championships. Stay connected with us for further updates!

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