Ben Cutting was born on January 30, 1987. His birth name is Benjamin Colin James Cutting. He is a professional cricketer and an all-rounder for his national team Australia and plays in all the international setups of the game. He marked his debut playing at the ODI and T201 in 2013 over Sri Lanka. Cutting is widely known as his deadly medium-spacer and a threat to many of the finest batsmen on the planet. He not only displays his abilities with the ball, but he is also a constructive and fine lower-order batsman and greatly contributes to his team’s scoreboard. 

Coming to his physical appearance, he is good-looking standing at a height of 192 cm (6 ft 4 in) towering over most of the cricketers. Apart from his professional career, let’s get to know more about Ben Cutting’s gorgeous wife Erin Holland.

Who is Ben Cutting’s Wife?

As of January 2023, the handsome cricketer is married to a former beauty queen Erin Holland. She is a successful singer, TV presenter, model, dancer, and philanthropist. Holland earned the title of Miss World Australia in 2013. The gorgeous Erin Holland also regularly subsidizes charities close to her core. She recently performed for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, Breast Cancer Network Australia, RSPCA, Tour de Cure, and the Children’s Medical Research Institute. During a conversation with Sydney Morning Herald, she disclosed information about her encounter with Cutting and how their romance has been functioning over the years.

Holland explained, “I met my husband, cricketer Ben Cutting, on Instagram at the end of 2014; we initially made contact via a direct message. It was very casual and friendly banter. I grew up with a love of cricket and I was aware of who he was as a player. We chatted for a few months and courted long distances for quite some time, then one thing led to another. We officially started dating in 2015 and married last February.”

She continued, “Ben understands that sometimes plans change, that he could get picked to play in a cricket team at the last moment and needs to leave, or that I might need to take a job opportunity, too. A few days after our wedding ceremony, he left for India for four months. It’s not ideal but our relationship works in a way I never thought possible and I love him for it. I didn’t think about making a big commitment like marriage until a few years into my relationship with Ben. I am so glad we did it because when it’s with the right person, it happens naturally.”

How Did Ben Cutting and Erin Holland Meet? 

Holland herself disclosed in an interview that the two met on Instagram in late 2014. They both began dm-ing each other and it eventually started as casual and they became friends and got to know each other. Holland who is also in the cricketing circle herself knew tons about how the cricketing world and hence, that’s how the two would usually talk about and get familiar with each other. They began dating back in 2015.

The duo officially confirmed their relationship publically as they appeared together to attend the Allan Border Medal in 2015. Being dating for six years, the couple tied the knot on February 14, 2021, and also on Valentine’s Day.

Do Ben Cutting and Erin Holland Have Any Children?

As of now, beautiful couples do not have any children. In a recent post on Holland’s Instagram, she shared a very emotional note on pregnancy.

The wife of Cutting in her post talked about how she is frightened of disappointing her husband Ben Cutting. She explained, “Last year, we found out the only real option to have a baby for me is IVF. As someone who went in just wanting to freeze embryos until the time was ‘right’, I’ve grappled with the confusing feelings of the loss of any ‘normality’ of this process, feeling like the universe was telling me I’m not meant to be a mother, the guilt of letting Ben down, but am I even ready, feeling physically broken Etc”.

Further adding, “Yesterday we found out that our first round of IVF resulted in nothing viable, & the sense of failure is overwhelming. The toll on the mind & body, the injections, the cost.. but I’m so grateful for modern medicine – it will take a village to create this baby, let alone raise it.”

The couple may not have a child together but they are the happiest and most supportive couple we know.



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