Vashti Cunningham

Vashti Cunningham is an Olympic-level high jumper. She gained a lot of publicity after Rio 2016. Now she has got the hang of it, she is determined to opt for the Olympics at U.S. track and field trials for the second time(18-27 June). Her interests range from fashion photography to skateboarding; she projects the limelight to the beautiful life of a successful high jumper.

It has only been five years since the young jumper debuted at the Rio Olympics in 2016; Cunningham seems to have gotten her groove back.


The 23-year-old put herself back at the public eye-sight in May, right after crushing two meters for the first time, officially a world-leading title and her personal best of 2.02m in California.


Vashti Cunningham: a prodigy


Cunningham is 25 years old; she was born on January 18, 1998. She has seen family members participating in various sports activities throughout her life, and similarly inspired by them, she has chosen her athletic career over her academic one. Can you tell her not to go after her athletic career? When she finished 13th in the Rio Olympics and ranked first at the 2016 Indoor World Championships. She is a prodigy.


After bagging her first Olympic medal in Tokyo, as her first U.S. Olympic track and field trials, in June, she challenged herself to score her best with 6 feet 7 1/2 inches in May 2021. And rest assured, she did it.


Her family members, Randall Cunningham Jr., and her brother, are also athletes. Randall accomplished the high jump at the University of Southern California; completed the 2016 U.S. trials. Unfortunately, he didn’t cut. He was slowly recovering from the injury in 2021.


Vashti Cunningham’s academic background

Vashti is a high school graduate from Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2016. She has yet to attend college, although she has chosen an athletic career over academic development.


Vashti Cunningham Parents 

She has athletism in her genes, as her father, the former NFL quarterback Randall Cunningham, was part of the Philadelphia Eagles for most of his professional life. He was selected for Pro- Bowl selection thrice; he retired in 1996 before reappearing again from 1997-2001; Randall Cunningham is now most renowned for the captaincy of the Las Vegas Raiders.


FAQs about Vashti Cunningham

  1. How old is Vashti Cunningham? 

She is 25 years old; she was born on January 18, 1998.

  1. How tall is Vashti Cunningham? 

Cunningham is 6-foot-1. 

  1. Where is Vashti Cunningham from? 

Cunningham was been born and brought up in Las Vegas,Nevada. 

  1. Is Vashti Cunningham married?


  1. Does Vashti Cunningham have children? 

No, but owns a German Shepard, named Mango.

  1. How high does Vashti Cunningham jump?

She has obtained ten national titles; Cunningham stands fourth on the All-Time American performance list with a high jump record of 2.02m/6-7.5. 

  1. Did Vashti Cunningham win a medal?

Vashti reached the two-meter mark (6-6 ¾), something she called “a barrier for all women jumpers,” in 2019 at a meet in Palo Alto, Calif; after that, she bagged another bronze medal for the same height at the 2019 World Track and Field Championship.

  1. What happened to Vashti Cunningham at the World Championships?

Qualifying in the high jump at World Athletics Championships had slipped through LV’s Cunningham’s hands. LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas Vashti Cunningham, of Las Vegas, finished her Tokyo Olympics in sixth place, failing to qualify for the women’s high jump at the World Athletics Championships on Saturday in Eugene, Oregon.


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