Tyrus' Wife

As one of the most popular wrestlers of the National Wrestling Alliance, Tyrus enjoys quite a fame-filled life. His wife, Ingrid Rinck, isn’t one to be shy of the limelight and enjoys being out and about. Tyrus married a fitness guru and entrepreneur renowned in the fitness industry. Building her empire from scratch, Ingrid Rinck has come a long way – here’s everything you need to know about her. 

Who is Tyrus’ Wife?

Tyrus’ wife’s name is Ingrid Rinck. In April 2020, he confirmed that he was married to Rinck after spending a few years dating – however, the same year of their marriage is still unknown. As per our speculation, they might have gotten married back in 2010-2012, as they welcomed their first child, Georgie Jane Murdoch, on 7 March 2014. The couple also have a son. Ingrid has two sons from her previous marriage, Rhett and Rock – however, her first husband’s identity is unknown to us.  

All about Ingrid Rinck

A fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur, Tyrus’ wife, Ingrid, is best known for helping people lose weight by incorporating healthy diet plans and meals. She initially owned a gym but closed it later to put all her time and efforts into her meal prep company, Sensible Meals. Born April 24, 1981, Ingrid Rinck is 41 years old as of 2023. She discovered her passion for healthy eating at 15 and joined a fitness class. This passion never stopped, and she converted it into a business. 


Ingrid’s father helped her establish the company from the core in 2014, but what motivated her was her son. Her son, Rhett, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes; she would always prepare meals for him, which made her realize this could change the world, so she began with this venture. As of today, Ingrid helps people eat healthy meals to lose weight and stay fit. Please stay connected with us for more updates!

Ingrid Rinck’s net worth

According to Buzz Nigeria, Tyrus’ wife is estimated to have a net worth of $2.5 million – however, this is just an estimate and not the exact figure. She works as a fitness enthusiast and owns a company, Sensible Meals, contributes to her net worth. Ingrid may also have other sources of income, which currently isn’t known to us – stay tuned for more updates!

Is Tyrus still married? 

Yes, Tyrus is still married to Ingrid Rinck – however, their exact marriage year is still a mystery. He confirmed his marital status in 2020; the couple was spotted together several times, which raised curiosity. 

How many children does Tyrus have? 

Tyrus has four children – with her wife, Ingrid, and Rinck, he has a son and a daughter. Ingrid has two sons, Rhett and Rock, from her previous marriage. 

How many times has Tyrus been married? 

Tyrus has been married only once – however, reports state that he’s had a son with a previous partner, but the kid’s identity is a mystery to the public. Tyrus never publicly spoke anything regarding his private matters. If we find any updates, we will inform you guys – until then, stay connected with us for further updates!


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