A significant change is about to occur in the landscape of collegiate basketball as Tylor Perry, who now averages an astounding 17.3 points per game (PPG), prepares to increase his influence on the floor during the 2023–24 season. Given Perry’s affiliation with Kansas State and the team’s superior tempo ranking from the previous season, Perry’s potential is even more apparent.


Perry’s abilities are well-suited to be utilised by Kansas State, a squad that was ranked a solid 42nd in adjusted pace by basketball statistician Ken Pomeroy. This calculated action may unlock Perry’s entire range of skills, paving the way for an exciting season.


Perry played for North Texas, a squad renowned for its slow pace on the court, before moving on to Kansas State. It’s interesting to note that North Texas finished the previous season in 363rd place for adjusted pace. This obvious change in tempo gives a sense of the adjustments Perry could need to make as he switches to Kansas State’s faster, more dynamic playing style.

Perry may develop as a player as a result of the tempo difference when he transfers his skills from North Texas to Kansas State. In addition to giving him more chances to demonstrate his scoring skills, additional possessions would also let him hone his decision-making and adjust to a faster tempo of play.

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