The Minnesota Vikings Bolster Defense with New Cornerback Jameson Houston


The Minnesota Vikings have added cornerback Jameson Houston to their roster in a calculated move meant to strengthen their defensive lineup. The team’s determination to improve their gameplay for the forthcoming season is evident in the statement, which was made on a recent Friday afternoon.


The Vikings chose to release tackle Chim Okorafor to create a way for Houston. This choice underscores the importance of Houston’s acquisition and the team’s confidence in his capacity to improve their defence.


The 2020 season saw Houston spend a limited amount of time with the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL. Despite having few chances, he showed his flexibility by taking part in both special teams and defence plays. His stint with the Eagles gave him a chance to showcase his on-field abilities.


Houston’s path sent him to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2021 after his time with the Eagles. He failed to land a position on the Jaguars’ roster despite his potential, though. He then spent some time with the Seattle Seahawks after that. Notably, his football career went beyond the confines of the NFL as he competed in the XFL and USFL leagues, demonstrating his dedication to the game.


The addition of Jameson Houston has given the Vikings reason for hope as they prepare for their final preseason game against the Cardinals. The daunting task of reducing the roster to 53 players by Tuesday afternoon highlights how fiercely competitive the NFL is.

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