Rashod Bateman's Girlfriend

Born on November 29, 1999, Rashod Bateman is an American football wide receiver with the National Football League (NFL) Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens selected him in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft while he was a college football player at Minnesota.


Given the much speculation about Rashod Bateman’s girlfriend, here’s everything you need to know about Claire Kimbrell!

Who is Rashod Bateman’s girlfriend, Claire Kimbrell?

Rashod Bateman’s girlfriend is Claire Kimbrell. She is a senior at Georgia Southern University and a licensed emergency department nurse.


Claire and Bateman both went to the same high school in their early years and are from the same hometown. Based on the photos they post of themselves on social media, they are romantically linked.

They got to know one another when they were students at Georgia’s Tift County High School. Despite the fact that he was her senior, they became great friends because of their love of football.


When Claire joined their cheer squad, Rashod was already a well-known wide receiver for their school team. Claire was one of the cheerleaders for them. The two eventually started dating and have been there for each other ever since, even though they later attended different universities.


When Rashod finally made it to the National Football League in 2021, Claire was still by his side to watch his growth both as a player and as a person. The couple would spend a lot of time together throughout the holidays, sharing pictures on Instagram in between get-togethers.


Rashod Bateman, a wide receiver with the Ravens, is now recovering from foot surgery, but don’t worry; his girlfriend is giving him the support and care he needs during this trying time.


He became the first Gopher player taken in the first round of the draft since Laurence Maroney in 2006 when the Baltimore Ravens selected him with the 27th overall choice in the 2021 NFL Draft. In 2006, Maroney was the final Gopher player chosen in the opening round.


Bateman signed a contract with the Ravens on May 12, 2021, worth a total of $12.6 million, including a $6.5 million signing bonus.

All about Rashod Bateman

Rashod Bateman attended Tift County High School while growing up in Tifton, Georgia. After obtaining a scholarship offer from the University of Minnesota for his junior year, Bateman committed to playing collegiate football there the following summer. 


Bateman caught 56 passes for 825 yards and five scores. He caught 83 receptions for 1,539 yards and 21 touchdowns as a senior, earning him a spot on the first team on the All-State roster. Many elite college programs expressed interest in recruiting Bateman after his successful senior year, but he honored his pledge to Minnesota.


Bateman, the first quarterback to be picked in the first round of the NFL draft since Laurence Maroney in 2006, was chosen by the Baltimore Ravens as the 27th overall choice in the 2021 NFL draft. Bateman signed a $12.6 million contract with the Ravens on May 12, 2021, which includes a $6.5 million signing bonus.

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