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The English Premier League is by far one of the most competitive and popular football leagues in the footballing world, and there are tons of intense rivalries within the league, some even go beyond a century of resentful history.

Fans put their heart and soul into cheering for their favorite teams although split up over the opposing team, the fans are more or less united by the hype of the game. However, the English Premier League has its share of controversies and rivalries, both squads and personal. So many aspects add more to the long-standing rivalries. If you’re here for the tea, we’ve compiled the list of the 5 biggest Premier League rivalries to know:

  • Liverpool vs. Chelsea

A rivalry between these two teams ignited due to frequent clashes during their managerial Rafa Benitez/Jose Mourinho eras. Liverpool and Chelsea accumulated a massive rivalry as they tossed for Premier League scores and FA Cup and Champions League knockout places.

Followers of either side of the team also do not seem to have an immense amount of love for one another because both teams constantly go head-to-head against each other and are extremely jealous of each team’s accomplishments. However, if we have to pick one unforgettable moment, it would be the 4-4 draw at Stamford Bridge in the Champions League. This will forever linger in the minds of the fans. 

  • Liverpool vs. Manchester United

A rivalry born purely out of competition between these two clubs and it goes way back. The rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United is considered one of the oldest and nastiest in the footballing world. 

The Liverpool and Manchester United rivalry is sometimes popularly referred to as the Northwest Derby. It is a distinguished inter-city rivalry between two powerhouses English professional football clubs between Liverpool and Manchester United. Their rivalry is regarded as one of English football’s biggest fixtures and one of the fiercest rivalries in world football as it not only involves the players but also the fans and media as well. 

  • Manchester United vs. Manchester City

Manchester City held complete supremacy before the 2nd World War, but Manchester United began to rise in power and triumph at the beginning of the 20th century.

This did not sit well with Manchester City. However, City’s dominance declined dramatically during the 1990s, and the club slipped further into the 3rd tier of English football. They were insignificant to Manchester United, who popularly referred to them as “noisy neighbors.”

In 2008, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan took over Manchester City and had the money for the club, it completely turned a new leaf for the City’s success. The city has certainly knocked some sense into the United over who the better one is and to this day their bitterness still remains.

  • Arsenal vs. Manchester United

For many years, these two clubs were the top tier teams of the English Premier League, as well as fighting for superiority in the domestic cups.

We’re bound to see red cards whenever these two clubs go at it. The extreme rivalry they have for each other is pretty much evident whenever both sides are on the pitch.

However, it has somewhat cooled down due lack of winning titles from Arsenal’s side but nevertheless the bitter rivalry between these two clubs is not dying down anytime soon. 

  • Everton vs Liverpool

Whenever the two clubs Everton and Liverpool meet, the stadium is divided into a sea of red and blue jerseys. The battles between these two are always so intense as both teams are so competitive in their way. While Liverpool has more titles and has dominated the Premier League over the years, this hasn’t prevented Everton from going against Liverpool on winning many more titles.


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