The National Football League (NFL) which started more than a century ago has become one of the most popular sports leagues on the planet. It originally began as a game of ten known as the American Professional Football Association which over the years has expanded into an established league with 32 professional squads.

Similar to almost every other sport, the competitiveness between NFL squads has developed a feeling of tension in fans, who anxiously gaze on as rival squads meet face-to-face in every season of the Super Bowl. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 6 of the biggest NFL team rivalries in NFL history. Some of the rivalries of the squads go way back decades and even before the merging of AFL-NFL in 1970.

1. Green Bay Packers Vs. Chicago Bears

Green Bay Packers Vs. The Chicago Bears have one of the most intense rivalries in the NFL. Both squads are considered among the finest squads historically in the NFL. They have been playing against each other dating back to 1921 and the rivalry is remarkably close. Needless to say, the Packers were only able to catch up with the Bears in their entirety head-to-head in the year 2017.


Chicago is just about a thirty-minute ride away from the Wisconsin border but people from Illinois dislike the so-called “Cheeseheads” from Wisconsin. Similarly, people from Wisconsin dislike those who are from Chicago and call them “Fish tabs”, or “F***in’ Illinois S***Head Towing a Boat”.

2. Oakland Raiders Vs. San Francisco 49ers

The Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers squads have indeed arguably one of the most vicious and longest-running rivalries in the league, which goes way back to 1960 when the Raiders were originally a part of the AFL squad and the 49ers were a part of the NFL squad. Both the squad have then developed an intense rivalry and also because they are in the same city. 


The two squads are also equal in that they are both successful franchises with a wealthy record that has enclosed multiple championships. The rivalry between these two squads is so extreme that it also created animosity between the fans of the two squads as well.

The rivalries of these two squads may still live on, but fans are always eager when it comes to their games knowing fully well that when the Raiders and 49ers meet on the field, it’s going to be one heck of an exciting one. 

3. New York Jets Vs. New England Patriots

When it comes to the rivalry between New York Jets and New England Patriots, the Patriots were mostly always ahead of them plenty of times. Even in present times, rivalries remain for both squads. 

The meetings have been viciously challenged since the two were both originally in the AFL before the merge happened.

Their encounters have numerous unforgettable instances, including the last-minute substitution with a napkin message from Bill Belichick and the widely recognized Mark Sánchez’s “Butt Fumble” tricks on Thanksgiving.

4. Dallas Cowboys Vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles have one of the biggest NFL rivalries. The teams first met in 1960 and the rivalry began to intensify in the 80s.

Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles are again two different squads that have one of the greatest rivalries historically in the NFL. Their first encounter was in 1960 and things started to get extremely fierce in the 80s.


In 1999 in a match against the Eagles, Michael Irvin, an elite player of the Cowboys, went down with an injury that caused his career to end abruptly. Fans of the Eagles exploded with joyfulness as Irvin was being carried on a stretcher off the field.

5. Washington Commanders Vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Washington Commanders and Philadelphia Eagles both have had outstanding records and have always been historically triumphant in the League. The two squads’ rivalry dates way back to 1934. 

In 1990, a game called the “Body Bag Game” greatly displays why the Commanders and Eagles are considered one of the greatest NFL rivalries of all time. The Eagles would end up knocking out a total of nine Washington players and both the squad’s commencing and backup quarterbacks fled the field wounded.

6. Oakland Raiders Vs. Kansas City Chiefs

One of the fiercest games witnessed in the history of the NFL is between The Oakland Raiders and Kansas Chiefs. Both teams were originally a part of the AFL and their rivalry came to light dating back to 1960. What ignited their animosity were their supporters, who made the match stand very fierce on every gameday.


The Raiders conquered between 1970 to 1980, taking most victories over the Chiefs. Nonetheless, the Kansas Chiefs avenged this by defeating them in 18 out of 21 games that took place in the 90s.

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