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NBA- National Basketball Association. A highly popular and professional basketball league that has been taking place in the US since 1949. With Adam Silver as its CEO, it has more than 25 teams playing under it at present. All of these teams comprise some of the greatest players of all time in basketball history. From young players to those as old as more than 40 years of age, the association has a huge list of old yet powerful players who have ever played. They are-

Nat Hickey

Born on January 30, 1902, Nat Hickey played at the age of 45 which is the oldest professional ever in basketball history. He played for the team Providence Steamrollers which is an American Basketball team. His last game was played on 28th January 1948. He was also a coach for a long time where he delivered his excellent expertise and experience. Throughout his career, he played several games, won many and achieved various titles and tags. It was very surprising for a lot of people to believe that he was playing at the age of 45.

Kevin Wills

Born on 6th September 1962, Kevin played at the age of 44 which makes him the second oldest on the list. He played for 8 teams with all his brilliance and excellence only to stand as an example that age is just a number. He played his last game on 18th April 2007 and after that, he has been sharing his tips and expertise with the coming generations. It’s been stated that his professional career has been power-packed with some really great matches to witness.

Robert Parish

Born on 30th August 1953, Robert Parish played till he was 43 making it third on the list. Moreover, he played for 4 great teams excellently throughout his career. His last game happened on 11th May 1997 but people still remember him with wonder and surprise. Completely American by birth, Robert is of 69 of age at present and continues to cherish his moments of basketball. He states that his love for the game kept him playing for so long and after so long.

Vince Carter

Born on 26th January 1977, Vince Carter played till he was 43 too! Surprisingly, he played for 8 different teams and all of them went very well. His last game was held on 11th March 2020 which made several emotional and hopeful of him playing further. He is currently 45 years of age and continues to cherish his basketball memories.

Dikembe Mutombo

Born on 25th June 1966, Dikembe Mutombo played till he was 42 which makes him stand 5th on this list. He played for 6 different teams and his last match was held on 21st April 2009. He is Congolese/American by birth. He is 56 years of age at present. In media, Dikembe has stated several times how his love for the game lives on and he will cherish all the memories forever.

Udonis Haslem

Born on 9th June 1980, Udonis Haslem played until he was 42 as well. In fact, he is still playing for the Miami Heat team. This makes him stand 6th on the list. He has a purpose to play further and create history which all of his fans really hope for and wish to come true soon.

Here’s a list of the Shortest WNBA Players.

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