Nolan Arenoda's Wife

Here’s all the information about Team USA WBC star’s better half, Laura Kwan. 


St. Louis Cardinals’ All-Star third baseman Nolan Arenado married the love of his life, Laura Kwan. They attended El Toro High School in Lake Forest, California, and have been together since high school. As per sources, the couple dated for ten years before tying the knot in 2019 – in Laguna Beach, California. Here are all the updates about Nolan Arenado’s wife!

All about Nolan Arlendo’s wife – Laura Kwan 

Born in 1980 to a Chinese-American father and an American mother, Laura Kwan is a person of mixed ethnicity. She has an Asian-American heritage and a little sister named Rachel Kwan. Laura comes from a wealthy family and is expected to have an estimated net worth of $3.5M as of 2023. Her heritage indicates that she had a privileged childhood and teenage years. 


While she’s a public figure, there’s very little information available about her – that’s because Kwan is too low-key about her life. Just like her husband, Nolan, she keeps her personal and professional life outside of the public eye. Besides, she isn’t much active on social media platforms either. 

Laura Kwan and Nolan Arenado Relationship

Laura Kwan and Nolan Arenado went to the same high school – Lake Forest in California – and it is safe to say that they were high school sweethearts. They had a gorgeous decade-long relationship before exchanging vows on December 14, 2019. After two years of marriage, they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, and they named her Levi. 


Levi was born in August 2022; they shared this happy news with their fans and took to instagram that they are blessed with a new chapter – a beautiful baby. To be with his wife while she was in labor, Arenado chose to miss an MLB game and flew back to St. Lois. Fans generously loved this gesture and filled their comment section with loads of love and support. 


Utility player Juan Yepez was consequently brought up from Triple-A Memphis to replace Nolan until the third baseman was activated from the paternity list.

How did Nolan Arenado meet with Laura Kwan? 

As aforesaid, the couple went to the same high school at Lake Forest California, where they met – and started dating during their senior year. Ten years later, on December 14, 2019, the couple exchanged vows in Laguna Beach, California.

Laura Kwan Age, Height and Weight 

Laura Kwan is 1.65 m, or 5 feet 5 inches, in heigh, which equals 165 cm. She is about 55 kg (121 lbs) in weight. Her physical features include penetrating dark brown eyes and gorgeous blonde hair. She has a sharp face and fit body. 

Do Nolan Arenado and Laura Kwan have kids?

Yes, Arendo and Laura were blessed with a baby girl in December 2022, two years later after their marriage. They named her Levi – such a cute name for a daughter!

Laura Kwan Instagram

Laura Kwan avoids using social media platforms and enjoys a stress-free life, away from the nuisance of online existence. However, her husband, Nolan Arenado is active on Instagram. His account is @nolanbeingnolan.

Laura Kwan Net Worth and Annual Income

As of 2023, Laura Kwan is expected to have a net worth of 3.5M. She comes from a well-off family and has a privileged life. On the contrary, Nolan Arenado has a net worth of $40M – his major source of income comes from his sports landscape. 


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