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Displaying his outstanding performance in the 2014 U19 World Cup in the UAE, Mustafizur Rahman is Bangladesh’s left-arm fast-medium bowler. The young athlete debuted for his country in a T20I game against Pakistan in April 2015. In the same year, he then played his debut ODI and Test matches against South Africa and India. 


Having taken the most wickets in a first One Day International series, Mustafizur made history by becoming the first player to win “Man of the Match” on both his Test and ODI debuts. The young athlete got hitched to his cousin, now his wife. Here’s everything you need to know about Mustafizur Rahman’s wife, Samia Parvin. 

Who is Mustafizur Rahman?

With his outstanding left-arm fast-medium bowling, renowned Bangladeshi international bowler Mustafizur Rahman has left a lasting impression on the game of cricket. 

Rahman, who was born on September 6, 1995, is known popularly as “The Fizz” because of his unique capacity to execute a wide range of variations with pinpoint precision.

The fact that Rahman is the only cricketer to have won the prestigious Man of the Match accolades on both his ODI and Test debuts is one of the most unique parts of his cricket career. This accomplishment demonstrates his tremendous talent and his recent influence on the cricket community. 

Rahman’s ability to consistently bowl at a velocity of about 130 kph is what defines his bowling style. He is a tough opponent for batsmen of any caliber because of his velocity and mastery of variations. Having started his cricket career with commitment and tenacity, he began playing cricket at a young age. 

His talent was first seen at an Under-17 competition in Satkhira, Bangladesh, which is about 300 kilometers from Dhaka, the country’s capital. His outstanding accomplishments in the competition opened the door for a more promising future.

Who is Mustafizur Rahman’s Wife, Samia Parvin?

Mustafizur Rahman’s wife is Samia Parvin, who is also his cousin. Samia is a Dhaka University psychology student. On March 22, 2019, the pair exchanged vows in a private wedding ceremony. 

The pair have been friends since they were young.

After returning from New Zealand, Bangladesh pacer Mustafizur Rahman married Samia Parvin on Friday night in Hadipur in Satkhira in a little ceremony.

Both family and relatives were present when Mustafizur exchanged vows. Mustafizur’s brother Mahfuzur Rahman Mithu, asked everyone to pray for the newlyweds.

“Mustafizur was quite distraught over the incident in New Zealand when he returned home. We made the decision to marry him because of this. My mother made the choice. After the World Cup, there will be a wedding reception,” Mahfuzur stated.

Mustafizur Rahman’s Net Worth

The estimated value of Mustafizur Rahman’s assets is $13 million, or INR 10.58 crore. The medium-fast left-arm bowler makes money via investments, match fees, brand sponsorships, and salaries. The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has a centrally contracted player named Mustafizur Rahman. In Tests, ODIs, and T20Is, he frequently plays for the Bangladesh cricket team.

The Bangladeshi bowler has been in great bowling form for about two years at this point. His variations are distinctively his own. He could not play in the IPL in 2019 or 2020 because he could not secure an NOC certificate from the BCB.

At the IPL 2021 auction, the Rajasthan Royals paid INR 1 crore for Mustafizur Rahman. After the 2021 edition, the franchise did, however, release him. At the IPL 2022 auction, the Delhi Capitals purchased Mustafizur Rahman’s services for INR 2 crore. Prior to the IPL 2023 mini-auction, the DC franchise decided to keep him on. 

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