Most Hated MLB Teams

MLB- Major League Baseball, one of the biggest reasons to watch baseball today is an American organisation founded in 1903. It was originally formed by merging two professional and official baseball leagues known as the National League and the American League. Coming to the teams, there have been several amazing players, professionals and overall teams by now but there also have been bad performers and some of the most disliked teams on the other side. Who are they? Let us know the top 6:

Los Angeles Dodgers

A team that you’ll find on every list online. ‘Los Angeles Dodgers’ hated for several reasons. There was a time when the Los Angeles Dodgers went viral and were highly popular for its achievements and breathtaking performances but then it became completely contradictory. Today, it is often tagged as the most loved as well as a hated team of all. Recently, it was also upvoted as the most disliked team in the history of the whole of America.

The hatred towards Los Angeles Dodgers has also been found out through the collection of huge twitter data in recent times. A lot of people call this data completely sensible and agreeable. Dodgers got hatred from an overall of 9 states whereas the other team ‘The Yankees’ took the 8 states. People believe that there is just the result of immense power and money altogether that is being invested in them and their results and this is why the Los Angeles Dodgers stand first in this list today.

New York Yankees

As stated above, the New York Yankees took 8 states of hatred and it’s because of the wealth involved in it. Several wealthy and elite-class people bought the best players which basically indicates buying the world cups and championships immediately. This seems a little unfair to the people who like other teams and they hate the New York Yankees for doing this. New York Yankees have also received a lot of hate online in recent times for reasons like winning several championships back to back. It gets funny sometimes as people can clearly see why they are winning.

Houston Astros

When you break the state-by-state votes for the teams, Houston Astros received 7 states for this which makes it stand at third place after the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees. There has been a lot of speculation about sign stealing done by this team over the span of recent years. It has also been accused of it many times by now. You can check out the complete details of the sign-stealing scandal that went viral recently.

Florida Marlins

One of the major reasons people hate Florida Marlins is their manipulation of the market. They simply show lesser interest in the game and more interest in what goes around in the market, especially the money business. The money game has been huge among several MLB teams and the Florida Marlins is definitely the one today.

San Francisco Giants

The story of the San Francisco Giants’ hatred started with the involvement of other teams and incidents in between. Several Giants fans point out that this huge hate wave came after the Oaklands Athletics. Later, the wave got linked with the Los Angeles Dodgers and the rivalry in between. No one is truly sure about what caused the hatred for this team but all of the reasons stated come out to be very true and correct.

San Francisco Giants stand at the fifth position with a very unsure and contradictory history in terms of hate and love. Crazy how things switch so quickly and surprisingly sometimes.

Boston Red Sox

Last but definitely not least. This team gained hatred slowly with the newcomers and unprofessional players joining in. Their first World Series is called magical but after that, it has been a drawback and downfall. Boston became a group of amateurs like players not knowing what to do exactly and the team started receiving what people thought was deserving to make them uplifted and uplevel. But this still seems to be very far away.



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