Most Handsome MLB Players

When it comes to sports, especially baseball, it is highly fun to watch your crush play live. The game doesn’t remain about just the game but rather the person as well. People become fans and companies often call them for promotional purposes due to their looks along with their skills. Moreover, they also give you several reasons to stalk them on Instagram and other social media platforms. Below is a complete list from youngest MLB players to eldest who has been tagged with the hottest and the most handsome till now-

Max Kepler-

You will already agree to this. His sheer cut jawline along with such a charming smile takes the hearts of millions at once. Born on 10th February 1993, Max Kepler is a German personality who plays for the Minnesota Twins. He was launched in 2015. He is a left-handed personality with great skills for the game. His parents were both professional ballet dancers, Mr. Marek and Mrs. Kathy. His mother is originally from Texas while his father belongs to Poland.

Nolan Arenado-

Another MLB personality on the list is the very popular Nolan Arenado. What makes him unique and charming? His stunning eyes and smile. He is an American baseball player born on 16th April 1991. He has won several titles and achievements till now. His parents are originally from Cuba. He plays as a baseman for the MLB team called St. Louis Cardinals of Major League Baseball (MLB).

Kike Hernandez-

Honestly, if Kike was not a baseball player, he must have been a huge model. He knows how to look, when to look, how to act and moreover, how to pose. Born on 24th August 1991, Kike Hernandez is from Puerto Rico. Before playing for the Boston Red Sox, Kike played for the Houston Astros, then for the Miami Marlins and also for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He has been in the list of “most stunning baseball players of all time” and “most likeable baseball players of 2022”.

Kris Bryant-

Originally called Kristopher Lee Bryant, this player has amazing eyes. He has been in “the hottest baseball players” several times till now and people cannot stop staring at him. Born on 4 January 1992, Mr. Kris Bryant is a stunning Capricorn. He was into baseball since his school time and went ahead even during his college academics. Personally, Kris has been very inspired to play baseball and score great at it. His professional life speaks all of it.

Javier Baez-

Javier Baez honestly looks like a popular rapper. We won’t be surprised if people mistake him by a hot and spicy rapper instead of a baseball player. Born on December 1, 1992, Javier Baez is often nicknamed as El Mago. This term in Spanish means magician. His professional life has been very successful and he is known for his various titles and wins till date.

Christian Yelich-

A very different baseball personality, Mr. Christian is very unique when it comes to look and overall body shape. He was born on 5th December 1991. He currently plays for the Milwaukee Brewers of MLB. He is an American personality. He made his debut for the Marlins in 2013. Even as a baseball player, he succeeded in winning the hearts of the people on a personal level with his mere style and smile. He has been in the list of “the greatest MLB players of all time”.

George Springer-

George Springer was born on 19 September 1989. He is an American personality, highly popular for his looks and personality. He has played for different teams till now and scored highly in all of them. He has often been called the greatest centre fielders of all time.

Akil Baddoo-

The last on the list but not the least. He is an American player born on 16th August 1998 with amazing personality and skills. He made his debut for the MLB team in 2021 and is a very young and fresh player. Despite being so new to the game, he has gained massive popularity today. He plays for the Detroit Tigers. 



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