Edinson Cavani is a professional football player. He began his career in Danubio in Montevideo and has not yet retired. Joining the club for a transfer fee of 17 million euros, he signed a loan agreement with Napoli in 2010 while still playing for Palermo.


Leading the league in scoring 29 goals in Serie A during his third season with Napoli, he signed the most expensive transfer deal in French. It followed his third season in Napoli. At that time, it was another attempt to create history. 


With Paris Saint-Germain, Cavani signed a contract worth 64 million euros. With PSG, he won every trophy. This included six Ligue 1 championships, 5 Ligue Cups, and 4 France Cups.


Cavani was the league’s top scorer in both the 2016–17 and 2017–18 seasons. He won Ligue 1 Player of the Year for the 2016–17 campaign. He left PSG a few years later. Then, joined Manchester United. 


This article comprises all the updates regarding Edinson Cavani’s ex-wife, Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús. 

Who is Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús?

Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrus is the former wife of Uruguayan football player Edinson Cavani. She’s a responsible wife and a loving mother. She’s known for her good sense of humour and positive approach towards life. 


For many years before everything broke apart, she remained faithful to Cavani. Despite her enormous fame, Maria has always preferred quality family time. As a consequence, she’s hardly featured in media appearances. Read on to know about her personal life and marriage with Edinson Cavani. 

Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús personal life

Maria was born in Uruguay. She was born to lovely parents and is a kind person who avoids media appearances. She likes to lead a low-key life and stays away from paparazzi fuss. There’s very little to no information on her early life. Her parents’ siblings and names are unknown. Maria’s morals and ethics are instilled from her parents. No wonder they did a great job raising her! 


During her childhood, Maria attended a neighborhood high school. She was a studious student and did well in school. She was diligent and bright. There is no further information about her education after high school. Also, Maria hasn’t said anything about her current career or job. But it’s quite evident that she’s a full-time housewife. 


After her marriage with Edinson Cavani, she accepted all of the family responsibilities. She prefers spending good time with her husband and kids at home. Children are more likely to maintain a decent character as they grow if their caregivers spend a reasonable amount of time with them and instill positive values at a young age. 

Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrus Net Worth

Maria has a net worth of $200k. She’s kept her finance information private. Hence, there’s no update about her current and former jobs. However, there may be a possibility that she would be working from home. Her former husband, Cavani, pays Mariana $25,000 in child support each month. 

She had the following to say:

“I do not trust this man. Do you want to trust a husband who leaves his wife just a few days after the birth of their child? When our son Lucas was born, I learned that he was with another girl. It was a shock. He explained the benefits of me giving birth in Uruguay to be quieter than in Naples where we would be besieged (by the press). He wanted to leave me there to feel freer and enjoy the fact that I would be busy building our new life. When I returned, I tried in every way to save our marriage. I did not want to remove my children for their father, I thought we could recover. It was hopeless. Edinson became a different person and unrecognisable.”



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