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Renee Blanks, Lance Blanks’ wife, is grieving over her husband’s sad death! Former NBA player Lance also competed internationally. Blanks had a business career in addition to his football career.


The deceased former NBA player died on Wednesday, leaving behind his wife and two children. Many facts regarding Lance Blanks’ wife are unknown since she has effectively avoided the spotlight.


Although Renee and Lance have kept their personal affairs discreet, Riley and Bryn are the couple’s two children. It’s interesting to note that Riley is continuing his father’s athletic legacy because she is a family member as well. Here’s everything you need to know about Lance Blanks’ wife, Renee Blanks!

Who is Lance Blanke’s wife?

The wife of Lance Blanks is Renee Blanks, a very enigmatic individual. Renee Blanks, in contrast to her husband, has always kept a low profile, refusing to divulge much personal information to outsiders or the media.


It’s difficult to pinpoint the specific location of Lance and his wife’s first meeting given that he travelled extensively while playing professional basketball. Renee and her two girls, however, managed to live through the former NBA player.


The family includes other enigmatic members in addition to Renee. Bryn Blanks, another one of Lance Blanks’ daughters, is also unknown. She is the youngest child and three years older than her sister, according to the limited information we have.


On the other side, Riley Blanks is best recognised for her passion for tennis. Venus Williams is her tennis idol, and she is 32 years old. The 12-year-old daughter of Lance went to the Copper Bowl Junior Championships and the USTA Super National Winter Championships.

About Lance Blanks & Renee Blanks marriage and children

Both Lance and Renee have kept their private lives private. Additionally, they wed covertly. There aren’t many specifics available concerning their union. While she is simply claimed to be his girlfriend, many people thought she was his wife. The couple had a happy life. Riley and Bryn were their two children. Each of them has a daughter. When he passed away, Blanks was 56 years old. His family is receiving condolence messages from people. 

Do they have any kids together?

Yes, Riley and Bryn Blanks were the daughters of Lance Blanks. Woke Beauty is the name of Riley’s company. She was a 4-star recruit at the University of Virginia and is keenly interested in tennis. He has participated in the United States Tennis Association and the Copper Bowl Junior. They were captured in only one frame. She has received instruction from her father as well.


Due to her preference for greater solitude, Bryn Lance, his other daughter, is less well-known. In 1966, Lance Blanks was born. His mother is Clarice, and his father is Sid Blanks. They are American citizens from Del Rio, Texas. His roots are in the athletic community. Sid Blanks was the first African American football player to play for LSC. He was an AFL player with the Houston Oilers from 1964 to 1968. 


In case we find more information, we will update this space – until then, stay connected with us!

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