Kelsey Plum's Boyfriend

Kelsey Palm believes in keeping her relationship private; she never posts anything about her personal life. However, she couldn’t succeed in hiding her boyfriend. Rumors claim that Kelsey Plum is currently dating a basketball player. Never has Kelsey ever underperformed on the court nor in choosing a boy for herself. Want to know more about Plum’s boyfriend? Read on…

Who is Kelsey Plum?

Kelsey Plum is a professional women’s national basketball association basketball player. She debuted her professional journey from Las Vegas Aces. Cassie used to play for her college before getting selected in the Las Vegas Aces. 


During a tournament played at the University of Washington, Pulm broke the NCAA 1st Division’s all-time record by scoring 3527 points. Along with her performance in WNBA, she helped the USA win gold in the FIBA ​​Americas U18 2014 Championship. 


After his graduation, Plum was signed by the San Antonio Stars. Even today she is playing with the same team and is one of the best players in the league. She won All-Star honors in 2018 due to her stellar performance. 

Who is Kelsey Plum’s Boyfriend?

Cassie Pulm’s boyfriend’s name is Darren Waller. He is also a professional basketball player for the Las Vegas Raiders. Kelsey started dating Darren in 2019 and occasionally shares their photos through social media. Despite their busy schedules, they always encourage and push each other in their careers. Pam occasionally goes to Darren’s matches to cheer him. This shows a deep bond between these two; they always support each other. 

All About Kelsey Plum Boyfriend – Darren Waller

Darren Waller is an American basketball player who currently plays for the Las Vegas Raiders in the NFL. Waller was born on September 13, 1992 in Landover, a small village in Maryland. Darin was signed by the Baltimore Ravens to a 3-year contract in 2015 after a good performance at Georgia Tech. 


Darren joined the Las Vegas Raiders in 2018 and has played for almost 5 years. Along with his basketball career, people also know Darren for his relationship with Kelsey Plum. She is a professional basketball player for the Las Vegas Aces. During one of his interviews, Darren said there was a time when he was addicted to drugs, and it took a lot to get out of this. 


About Darren Waller’s Career & NBA Performance

Darren Waller’s career has been of a different level in itself. Since joining the Las Vegas Raiders, Darren has never looked back as his career has been on the rise. He has never been behind in scoring for his team and has scored points for his team whenever he got a chance. Daren has always been dedicated towards his future and facing all the difficulties in his life.  

Kelsey Plum’s Past Relationship

Plum’s past relationship has been hugely painful. She has been duped a lot before meeting Darren. In her previous relationship with Kayla McBride, she had become too involved emotionally, but in the end, it was revealed that he was cheating on her repeatedly. Just after that she went into depression and she got addicted. During a charity event, she met Darren Waller who was also a basketball player. 

How did Kelsey Plum and Darren Waller Meet?

Cassie Pulm and Darren Waller met at a charity event in Las Vegas. They were invited for some advertisement for a non-profit organization that helps homeless youth. Due to the same professional background, they got acquainted with each other in a short time. In the first meeting, they were impressed by each other’s personality and immediately shared the number. They were often spotted at public places and restaurants spending time alone. Cassie and Darren announce their engagement after dating for a few months. Being a social media girl, Kelsey shared a beautiful diamond ring for her engagement on social media. 


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