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Karim Mostafa is a professional French footballer, who was born on 19th December 1987. He is an attacking striker for the Spanish club Real Madrid and France’s national team. Karim is widely known for his last-minute goals and orthodox playing style. Currently, Benzema is one of the first preferences when it comes to choosing an attacking striker. 


Benzema is also famous for his controversies, due to which he was also expelled from the French team for some time. However, he made a comeback in the 2020 Euro Cup and showed one of his best-ever forms. 


Karim has achieved many milestones in his career, the best of which was his 2008 form. He won the player of the year award and team player of the year as well. The French footballer led his team and became the top goalscorer and won his fourth league title and first Coupe de France.


Sooner, due to his extraordinary form, he signed a French football transfer in the year 2009. This was when he joined Real Madrid for a whopping €35 million.

Who is Karim Benzema’s Wife?

Karim Benzema’s wife is a professional model who works for many clothing and footwear brands. Besides being Karim’s wife, she is also an Instagram influencer with over 83 thousand followers. Cora Gauthier came into the limelight after her videos and photos with Karim Benzema went viral on social media. 


As per the source, Karim and Gora met each other for the first time in Dubai in 2015, and both started dating. Later, Cora shifted to Madrid with Karim in a live-in relationship. It was also reported that the couple got married. More details about Cora Gauthier’s personal life have been kept private.


In an interview, Karim openly disclosed that he doesn’t want his personal life to come out on social media. He explained that he wants to lead a normal and private life. He added when a reporter asked him about her wife “It’s our private thing. I’ve always been like this. I don’t like to be in the spotlight, on TV, it’s stupid for me. I have my life, with my family and friends. And it’s also better and easier for them. Just imagine it, you’re 4 years old and you live your life with the camera behind you. You can lose your mind.” 

All About Cora Gauthier

1. Cora Gauthier Height 

Cora has a well-built personality with charismatic charm. Being a professional model, Cora possesses an hour-glass shaped body and she has to maintain her physique. As per the report, she is approximately 5 feet 7 inches, which is quite average for a French lady. 

2. Cora Gauthier’s Net Worth

No such information about the net worth of Cora Gauthier has been revealed yet. Both Cora and Karim lead a very secret and private life. The Internet doesn’t have any official information about the couple’s net worth. 

3. Cora Gauthier Family 

Cora Gauthier has not disclosed much about her family, friends, and relatives. She kept a perfect balance between her work life and personal life. Besides being a professional French model, she has a very beautiful married life with her husband Karim Benzema, and that’s quite apparent to anyone who follows her. As per the source, it has been reported that Karim and Cora had their first baby on May 5, 2017, named Ibrahim Benzema. 


Key Facts

  • Besides working as a model for luxurious clothing and footwear brands, she is an Instagram influencer with thousands of followers.
  • Cora Gauthier started her career as a newbie model soon after she got connected with many clothes and shoe brands. You might have seen her promoting products on her social media platforms.
  • She likes to be the mother of her child’s personality most of the time on her profiles, which is pretty nice and everybody loves that.

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