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Born on February 26, 2003, Jamal Musiala, 21, is a German professional footballer who plays for the Germany national team and Bundesliga club Bayern Munich as an attacking midfielder. 


Musiala was born and raised in Germany; he was born to a British-Nigerian father and a German mother. Growing up, he played for both England and Germany at the junior level – however, in February 2021, he decided to stick with Germany for all future matches.

Recently, Jamal Musiala made an unexpected choice that would affect the rest of his international career. At the national level, he selected to play for Germany rather than England or Nigeria despite having played for both England and Germany at the youth level, which garnered him a lot of attention from the media. 


Given the media attention, much speculation’s also been regarding his dating life. Does Jamal Musiala have a girlfriend in 2023? Here’s everything you need to know!

Who is Jamal Musiala’s girlfriend?

Who is Jamal Musiala’s girlfriend or is the football star Jamal Musiala single as of 2023? His followers are incredibly curious about his personal life and want to know who he’s dating. To break it to you guys, Musiala isn’t reportedly dating anyone right now, and is leading a single life. Right now, the German youngster is preoccupied with his game. 


Also, we don’t have any information about his past relationships, as the player keeps his private life as low-key and away from the media’s eyes as he can. Still, if we find any potential updates, we will surely keep this space informed – please stay connected with us!

Jamal Musiala: Personal Life & Relationships

Jamal has already gotten all the attention he needs as a rising star and a youthful, vivacious athlete, and has now come a long way for his age. Despite this, Jamal does not have any girlfriends or relationships as of 2023. 


He has obviously only just begun his career and still has a lot to accomplish – therefore, it is understandable why he isn’t involved in such, and specifically, it is also unnecessary to stuff needed at this time.

Jamal Musiała Biography 

German prodigy Jamal Musiala recently established himself on the world scene. The 21-year-old, who is currently among the finest attacking midfielders in the world, has established himself as a key member of Bayern Munich’s team. He is regarded as untouchable by Bayern management because of his superb dribbling and ability to identify openings. His agility and dexterity have given him the moniker “Bambi.”


At the age of 17 years and 115 days, Musiala made his Bundesliga debut for Bayern against SC Freiburg, becoming the league’s youngest player ever. He was also a member of the Bayern Munich team that won the Champions League in 19/20, albeit he didn’t play. After scoring against Schalke 04, he broke the Bayern record for the club’s youngest goal scorer at the age of 17 years and 205 days.


Musiala became the youngest German and English goal scorer in the Champions League when he scored his first goal against Lazio in 2021. That year, he also agreed to his first professional contract, which is set to end in 2026. He was a member of the sextuple-winning Bayern Munich team of 19 and 20 and has won the Bundesliga three times. Additionally, he was a member of kicker’s Bundesliga Team of the Season for the 2021–2022 season.

Jamal Musiala Net Worth

Jamal Musiala has achieved great fame and success over the course of his career. As of today, Jamal Musiala’s net worth is estimated to be around €2.65 million (as per surprisesports) – however, please note that this is just an estimate, and not the exact figure. 


Keep checking back with us to stay up to date about Jamal Musiala’s dating life and relationships!

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