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Jakub Jankto made history by coming out as the first active international football player. The Czech midfielder, who follows Jake Daniels and Josh Cavallo as the third active player to have done so, has made history by becoming the first La Liga player to come out!

The midfielder shared an emotional video on social media with Relevo in which he gave a sincere speech about his views regarding his sexuality. Many people, including former Barcelona player Neymar Jr, responded well to his admission. 

However, this has caused quite havoc among the public, who are now curious to understand what’s going on in his personal life. Is he back with Marketa Ottomanska? Here’s everything you need to know!

Who is Jakub Jankto? 

Jakub Jankto is a Czech professional football player competing for the Czech Republic national team and Serie A club Cagliari. He plays as a left winger, left midfielder, or a full back.


In 2014, Jankto left Slavia Prague for Udinese, reportedly paying €700,000. Having left the team without making his league debut in 2015, he went on to join Sampdoria on a temporary loan with an option to make the move permanent for €15 million, the club announced on July 6th. 


Jankto and La Liga team Getafe CF agreed to a two-year contract on August 20, 2021; he signed a one-year loan agreement with Sparta Prague and left for his home nation on August 10 of the following year. Jankto agreed to a two-year deal with an option with Serie A club Cagliari on July 15, 2023. 

Who is Jakub Jankto’s Wife: Is he back with Marketa Ottomanska?

Jakub Jankto’s ex-wife is Marketa Ottomanska; she’s a mentor for personal development. But after they discovered Jakub was gay, they broke up. 

According to the Spanish daily Brand, Jakub Jankto’s admission that he is gay is a watershed in the history of football, where the topic has long been frowned upon.

“I am homosexual and I no longer want to hide”, to the confession of a Getafe player, on loan to Sparta Prague

The Getafe footballer on loan at Sparta Prague has a son with Markéta Ottomanská, and now his ex-wife has not hesitated to congratulate him on taking this step: “I am very proud that he was able to muster the strength to go public. He is the first active footballer to announce it. The only ones who had admitted it are the ones who are retired, everyone else is keeping it a secret… They are afraid of what people will say. I prefer to stay out of it, if only for our son, who is going to have to grow up with it. It’s just Jakub’s story, his confession. When Jakub told me he also gave me great freedom. The important thing now is that he is safe and happy. Surely he will feel relieved and nothing will corrode him from the inside ”.

Jakub Jankto’s Net Worth

An estimate of Jakub Jankto’s net worth puts it at $5 million. His professional football career is his primary source of income. 


Jakub Jankto is 6 feet and 0 inches tall, or 1.84 meters, and weighs around 74 kg. Please stay connected with us for more updates!


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