Everything you need to know about Logan Paul

The Paul Brothers, Jake and Logan, seem as if they’re born for the spotlight in the era of social media. Whether you love them or hate them, they know how to make headlines and generate clicks. The mantra that there’s no such thing as bad publicity certainly applies to the stars, as they boost their brand no matter if they’re receiving praise or catching flack.

While it’s Jake Paul who gets most of the media coverage these days because of his boxing career and former relationships with high profile models like Julia Rose, it was Logan, the elder Paul brother, who put the duo on the map first.

Here’s a look at what Logan Paul is up to these days, and everything you need to know about his rise to fame. 

The Early Years 

Logan Paul got his first taste of fame in 2013 on Vine, the quick-hitting video sharing platform that relied on six second clips. 

He quickly branched out into other mediums, as Vine was something of a one-hit wonder: in the early days, Paul had to balance his budding media career with rigorous coursework as an industrial engineering student at Ohio University. Standing in the face of increasing pressure to create content while working the equivalent of two full time jobs between YouTube and his university, Paul rolled the dice with a high risk, high reward decision, dropping out of school to move across the country and begin creating content full time. 

Obviously, the gamble worked, or you wouldn’t be reading an article about his rampant success right now. 

In many ways, Logan Paul’s decision to move across the country on a whim encapsulates everything that makes him one of the biggest names in the world of influencers and content creators. Whether you love Logan Paul or love to hate him, one can’t deny that the man has guts. Both Logan and his brother Jake know how to bet on themselves, whether it’s Jake diving headfirst into the world of boxing or Logan’s aforementioned actions. 

What he’s up to now


While it’s Jake Paul who took his fame to the next level because of his career as a boxer, it’s Logan Paul who first got the idea to test the waters of combat sports: consider him the trailblazer of the famous family.

Logan took on British media personality KSI in a boxing match in 2016: while the highly regulated bout ended in a draw, the brothers’ appetite for stepping into the ring was off to a ravenous start. 

Paul fell to KSI in a rematch in 2018, and since then he’s remained active in the world of sports, most recently with WWE. 

He signed a multi event contract during the summer of 2022 and has competed in both tag team and singles matches since then, receiving rave reviews for his performances: that shouldn’t be a surprise, as he’s a natural born showman. While WWE outcomes are predetermined, that doesn’t necessarily prevent fans from betting on the outcomes, as the entertainment consortium is working with betting platforms and state legislatures in order to get sports betting up and running. 

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Continuing Source of Controversy

For someone like Logan Paul who loves to toe the boundaries of what is acceptable, I would be remiss to tell his story without giving adequate attention to his missteps.

Many people thought that Paul’s career was all but over in early 2018, when he posted a controversial video displaying the censored body of a man who committed suicide in Japan, filming he and his group’s reaction to the discovery and making insensitive remarks about the tragedy. 

The backlash that Paul dealt with went far beyond the usual ramifications of ‘cancel culture’ like public outcry. YouTube punished him further by removing his ability to gain ad revenue from his videos, as well as preventing search engines like Google from promoting his content, hampering his ability to draw in new viewers. 

Those consequences only lasted for a few months, admittedly, but could’ve severely damaged his brand. Paul, of course, managed to bounce back like it was nothing, plowing through massive controversies like they’re nothing more than speed bumps as he continues to benefit from the boost in popularity that his name being in headlines creates. 

Other controversies include his promotion of a cryptocurrency venture that eventually got exposed as a scam. 

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