Elena Rybakina's Boyfriend

Rybakina is a tenacious baseliner who loves to finish points fast and has a powerful serve. Her streak of victories and unforced mistakes is a product of her high-risk playing style. She possesses effortless power on her groundstrokes and serves.


With a maximum speed of 122 mph (196 km/h), Rybakina’s powerful serve allows her to serve a lot of aces. With 192 aces served in 2020, she topped the tour in that category. She is a superb volleyer who enjoys finishing points at the net, maintains excellent poise, and is self-assured when playing tennis. 

Given her rise to fame, there has been much speculation about her private life—here’s everything you need to know about her boyfriend!

Who is Elena Rybakina?

Born on June 17, 1999, in Moscow, Russia, Elena Andreyevna Rybakina is a professional Russian tennis player. At an early age, she and her older sister began participating in sports, primarily ice skating and gymnastics. 


Her father, who was also interested in tennis, suggested that she play the sport instead after hearing that she would never make it as a professional in any of those other sports due to her height. 


At the tender age of six, Rybakina picked up a tennis racket. In addition to her three hours of daily fitness training, she barely managed two hours of tennis each day. She had to juggle tennis with her academic responsibilities at her conventional high school, which wasn’t designed for athletes. 


Having been coached by several talented individuals, Rybakina decided to go from Dynamo Sports Club to Spartak Tennis Club. She worked out alongside Evgenia Kulikovskaya and Andrey Chesnokov, both of whom were once ranked in the top 100. 


Irina Kiseleva, a modern pentathlon world champion, was one of her personal trainers. She made history as the first player from Kazakhstan to win a major championship and is currently the defending Wimbledon champion.

Who is Elena Rybakina’s Boyfriend?

Elena has not released any public details of her romances in the past, and she is not in a relationship at the moment. She appears to be intent on advancing her career and has no interest in diverting her attention from her early pursuit of tennis prowess. We’ll update this space if we find any information about her boyfriend—please stay connected with us until then!

Elena Rybakina’s Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Elena Rybakina as of December 2023 is $5 million, according to FirstSportz. The majority of her wealth comes from sponsorship deals, prize money, and wages. After endorsing Nike, Rybakina switched to Adidas and Yonex.


Rybakina received 521,754 euros, or around $562,868, for her recent triumph at the Italian Open 2023. After suffering injuries three times, Anhelina Kalinin withdrew from the race. Her year-to-date prize money in 2023 is $4,504,437, while the total prize money reported by the WTA is $10,865,395.


Elena Rybakina’s sponsorship deals with the prestigious sportswear and tennis equipment brands Adidas and Yonex have been quite fruitful. However, the amount of money she earns from endorsement deals remains a mystery.


Elena Rybakina is now sporting the same YONEX VCORE 100 tennis racquet as Nao Hibino, Carolina Garcia, Angelique Kerber, and Donna Vekic.

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