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The most successful black college basketball coach in history is undoubtedly Dawn Staley! Her South Carolina juggernaut crushed a UConn team that could not keep up in early April 2022, and the Gamecocks won 64–49. Staley became the first black coach to win two Division 1 NCAA Tournaments due to the triumph. 

Recently, Dawn has been linked with an associate coach at South Carolina, Lisa Boyer, and they are rumored to be dating each other. Since she tweeted about the two acting like an elderly married couple, fans are speculating if the two are actually married. Here’s everything we know about Dawn Staley’s partner, Lisa Boyer!

Is Dawn Staley Married to Lisa Boyer?

Dawn Staley put a lot of effort into her teaching career while remaining single. Regarding the nature of Dawn Staley’s relationship with Lisa Boyer, a South Carolina associate coach, there have been rumors going around. 


Several sources have assumed that Staley and Lisa are dating after she tweeted about them acting like a long-married couple. The two are thought not to be married, but there has been no confirmation. Boyer and Staley have helped South Carolina win two national titles over the past five years. Although their relationship is unknown, it is unwise to assume or make judgements without proof.


Lisa Boyer is South Carolina women’s basketball assistant coach; she and head coach Dawn Staley have won two national crowns, many SEC Championships, and NCAA tournament berths. Boyer played well at Ohio State before joining the Gamecocks. Other institutions employed her as a coach.

Who is Dawn Staley?

Having made a number of incredible accomplishments in both personal and professional lives, Dawn Staley is a remarkable and successful lady. She started her professional basketball career after she graduated from university and went ahead playing in the WNBA and abroad on many teams. 


Staley started her professional basketball career after graduating, playing on many teams in the WNBA and abroad. While she was still playing professionally, she also started working as an assistant coach for the Temple University women’s basketball team.


Her coaching career took off in 2000 when Staley became Temple’s women’s basketball head coach. Under her leadership, the team became an Atlantic 10 competitor and made repeated NCAA tournament berths.


Heading the University of South Carolina women’s basketball team in 2008, Staley has had one of the most successful careers in the industry. She led the Gamecocks to their first national championship in 2017 and multiple SEC titles, NCAA tournament berths, and national titles. Outside of basketball, Staley is a philanthropist and advocate. She has used her platform to promote equality and chance for all as a social justice advocate.


Dawn Staley has done incredibly well so far. She’s worth getting to know, whether you like basketball or just fascinating individuals. If we find any potential updates about Staley and her partner, we shall keep this space updated. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page to not miss out on a single update from us!

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