David Pastrnak's Girlfriend

Who is David Pastrnak’s girlfriend? Does David Pastrnak have a girlfriend? Luckily, we have the answers to these pressing questions about David Pastrnak’s girlfriend. Here’s everything you need to know about Rebecca Rohlsson!

Who is David Pastrnak?

Born on May 25, 1996, in Havirov, Czech, David Pastranak is an influential figure in the sport of ice hockey who has quickly established himself as one of the NHL’s most talented and exciting players.


Early on in his career, Pastrnak was recognized for his extraordinary abilities and innate talent. He shot to prominence fast, thanks to his scoring touch and skating prowess. His unrelenting work ethic and commitment to the sport catapulted him to the next level.

The NHL’s Boston Bruins picked up Pastrnak in the first round back in 2014. He made his debut with the Bruins during the 2014-2015 season, rapidly establishing himself as a crucial component in the team’s lineup. His offensive prowess, quickness, and hockey savvy made him an unstoppable force.


Pastrnak’s superb stickhandling, pinpoint shooting, and ingenuity in generating scoring chances are hallmarks of his skill set. He is an offensive powerhouse for his team, thanks to his uncanny knack for spotting open ice and pinpoint passing.

Who is David Pastrnak’s girlfriend?

Since 2018, Pastrnak has been in a relationship with Rebecca Rohlsson. At the beginning of her career, Rohlsson worked as a hostess and salesperson at Svenska Dagbladet. She stayed for six months before departing to become a sales representative for Saljfokus Nordic AB.


At Exceed Sverige, she was also a customer booker. She soon began working as an event planner, and her first position was as an event staffer at People Partner Sweden.

All about Rebecca Rohlsson

David Pastrák’s girlfriend, Rebecca Rohlsson, has gained national attention. They started going out in 2018. Rebecca Rohlsson began her career at Svenska Dagbladet, where she worked as a hostess. 


Rebecca stayed for six months before deciding to leave her job. After that, she became a sales agent for Säljfokus Nordic AB. Beyond this, she was also an Exceed Sverige customer booker in her previous life. She eventually settled on a career as an event planner. People Partner Sweden was the company where she got her first professional job. 


Pastrňák’s kid with his fiancée, Rebecca Rohlsson, named Viggo Rohl Pastrňák, was born on June 17, 2021. However, he died six days later, on June 23, 2021.

David Pastrnak’s Net Worth

David Pastrnak has reportedly amassed a net worth of $80 million, most of which comes from his lucrative NHL career. From 2015 to 2022, he played the sport where he excelled and earned an estimated $35.5 million. Pastrnak’s career has not been without its share of setbacks, such as the $10 277 fine he had to pay after being suspended for two games for an illegal hit in October of 2016.


In 2023, David Pastrnak signed a landmark eight-year contract with the Boston Bruins, guaranteeing himself a $90 million payday and an average yearly salary of $11 million. His base salary in 2021–2022 was $6.8 million, while his cap hit was $6.7 million.


Although Pastrnak’s involvement with other brands and endorsements is under the radar, he is committed to making it as a professional ice hockey player. Do watch out for more updates!

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