Creighton’s Trey Alexander is an exciting basketball prospect who showcases an impressive array of shooting abilities. His versatility on the court is evident from his shooting percentages: 45% on spot-up jump shots, 45% on shots taken off screens, and 42% on pull-up jumpers. These numbers demonstrate his ability to score efficiently in various situations, making him a potent offensive threat.


Moreover, Alexander’s skills extend beyond shooting. He excels as a pick-and-roll (PnR) ball handler, displaying a strong ability to drive to the basket and finish plays, even in the face of contact. This knack for scoring in traffic or with a soft touch indicates his prowess as a finisher around the rim.


As a scorer, Alexander’s game is not limited to one area of the court. He exhibits three-level scoring, showcasing his proficiency in shooting from short mid-range (45%), long mid-range (46%), and beyond the arc (41%). This kind of scoring versatility is an asset for any team, as it keeps defenders on their toes and allows them to adapt to different defensive schemes.


Furthermore, Alexander is not just a scoring machine; he’s also capable of creating opportunities for his teammates. His playmaking skills make him a dual threat on the offensive end, as he can either score himself or set up his teammates for easy baskets.


However, there are some areas of concern surrounding Alexander’s game. One potential issue is his limited athleticism and frame. This may raise questions about his ability to create separation from defenders, especially against tougher and more athletic opponents. It could also impact his defensive capabilities against quicker or stronger players.


Another aspect worth noting is his lack of dunks, which might suggest that he does not rely heavily on explosive athleticism for scoring. While this is not necessarily a red flag, it could hint at his playstyle and highlight the need for him to focus on other ways to create scoring opportunities.

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