Celina Locks

Celina Locks is the girlfriend of the Brazilian football legend Ronaldo Nazario. She is a well-known Brazilian model, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. The beautiful model is linked with luxurious brands like Vogue, which implies that she is a runway model. Looking at her sharp features and gorgeous face, it’s no surprise that Locks is a model. She has a blonde mane, a stunning body, and enchanting blue eyes. 

Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the finest football players that ever stepped foot on the football field. He is considered an icon of the Brazilian national squad. He is also one of the most adored strikers on the planet, who introduced a whole new dimension to the role. The Brazilian icon has been a great inspiration for a generation of strikers that have emerged today. Although mega-successful during his career, Ronaldo has had his share of failed marriages and relationships. Nonetheless, it did not stop the former Brazilian footballerlooking for the love of his life. 

Currently, Ronaldo is in a long-term relationship with Celina Locks whom they’ve been dating since way back in 2015 and the couple seems to be still going strong. 

Celina Locks Biography 

The Brazilian model was born on March 4, 1990, which makes her 32 years old. Her star sign is pieces. She is known to be a creative person and an optimist. 

Celina considers herself an ambivert, which is a blend of introvert and extrovert. She likes having a good time and frequently goes out to part with her friends or with her partner. She can effortlessly mingle with all kinds of people without even breaking a sweat as she has a very bubbly personality. 

Celine and Ronaldo truly meant for each other as they both share a similar lifestyle and they both are career driven. They support each other and like to keep away from unwanted drama. The couple is successful in their endeavors. Many also believe that the couple is secretly married but nothing has been confirmed now whatever it is, we’re happy that they found each other.

Celina Locks Family

When it comes to her family, Locks has not revealed anything about it as she considers herself a private person and does not like to share details about her family or her life. So it’s difficult to find out who her parents are and whether she has any siblings or not.

However, she did disclose that she has a brother named Caio Locks and shares the exact birthday. 

Celina Locks Education

Celina Locks finished her schooling in Brazil. It is unclear if she enrolled in university after she graduated from high school or if she decided to pursue a modeling career instead.

Since there isn’t much information but her education as well, we assume that she went ahead to become a model rather than proceeding with her further studies as she was also so passionate about becoming an established model.

Celina Locks Career

Celina Locks is a model by profession and an established entrepreneur and philanthropist. We could say that she is a popular and successful model as she has also been a cover girl for a whole lot of prominent magazines and has walked the ramp in many fashion shows. Locks is a regular at the Paris Fashion Week. Some of her past accomplishments include working with Dior, Bazaar, L’official, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan.

She also runs her very own brand called Celina Locks Beauty which specializes in hair care products.

Celina Locks Net Worth

Her net worth comes to over $2 million. She earned her income through her modeling career and from her business.

Celina Locks Social Media

Celina Locks is very active on social media. She primarily gained much recognition from people after she started dating the Brazilian legend. Locks don’t shy away from posting pictures of her famous former footballer and often declares her love for him by sharing many of their lovey-dovey pictures.

She also posts pictures of herself very often and we can tell by her pictures that she is a fashionista who has unique taste in fashion. Locks like to follow trends and wear stylish clothes. However, when it comes to makup, she likes to keep it minimal and shows off her natural beauty. 

Here’s Celina Locks’ official Instagram username @celinalocks.

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