Cameron Young's Wife

Growing significantly in the professional and world rankings in just his third year of competition, Cameron Young has matured greatly over the previous few years. Cameron was born in 1997 and has accomplished a lot for such a young player. 


At 23, he married Kelsey Dalition, suggesting that the American is also successful in other areas. Both Cameron Young and Kelsey are quite private people, given how little we know about them. 

We do know that Cameron’s caddie, Scott McKean, acted as best man for their wedding, which took place between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. The couple was still living with their parents when their first child was born. But soon after Cameron’s achievements in the professional arena, the pair relocated to a new home.


Here’s everything you need to know about Cameron Young’s wife, Kelsey Dalition!

Who is Cameron Young’s Wife?

Cameron Young’s wife is Kelsey Dalition—an even more crucial aspect to his success on the course than the caddy he hires. The couple married in late 2020 or early 2021 (the specifics aren’t known yet). They have a son named Henry Young.  


Kelsey Dalition and Cameron have been together for quite some time. They’ve known each other since they played golf together in high school. The pair chose to be married quickly after courting for some time. Cameroon Young was only 23 when they tied the knot. They had their first baby in 2022. 


In an interview, Cameron Young spoke about his wife, Kelsey Dalition, revealing, “I’ve spent lots of time with my wife and family. Kelsey and the baby have been with me the whole time I’ve been traveling. Having a young child has allowed us to spend more time together as a family. It has been a nice change of pace to have them along on my trip for the past several weeks. In my perspective, it only helps you feel somewhat more refreshed. It’s beneficial to have some ability to put golf out of your mind when you leave the course.”


After a string of good successes, including three runner-up finishes in 2021 and ’22, the pair decided to relocate to Jupiter, Florida, the city of choice for most professional golfers. The golfer’s wife has become the subject of whispers after the tournament. His supportive wife is the player’s biggest cheerleader. She has kept quiet about her salary and other financial details. Her husband, however, has reportedly made $430,369 on the PGA Tour.

Cameron Young’s Net Worth

As of 2023, American golfer Cameron Young’s net worth is projected to reach approximately $17 million. Most of his income is derived from his performances on the PGA and Korn Ferry tours. In addition to golf, he has several brand endorsements, which considerably increase his income.


Cameron Young makes, on average, $2.1 million annually. His finest year to date was 2021–2022, making him the most-earning rookie in a single season on the PGA Tour. During the season, he earned $6,520,598 in official currency.


The list of endorsements Cameron Young has is fascinating. Several businesses sponsor him, including Nike, Gillette, Optus, Titleist, and JBL. With Major League Baseball, he has also negotiated an exclusive sponsorship deal.

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