Bronny James' Girlfriend

When you think of some great modern names in the game of basketball, Bronny James is one of the definite ones. His exceptional skills and jaw-dropping skills have earned him millions of fans and followers across the globe. But recently, Mr. James broke the news and media reports for other reasons. You guessed it right. It is about his girlfriend Ms. Peyton Gelfuso. Are they dating? Are they serious or is it all fake and unethical? We will know everything below, but first, let us get to know Bronny a bit more.

Bronny James is primarily an offspring of LeBron James (a renowned and brilliant basketball player) who is currently playing for Sierra Canyon in L.A. Both his father’s fame and success as well as his own fame and success has helped Bronny reach massive levels of achievement in life. 

Early life and education:

Born on 6th October 2004 in Cleveland, Ohio, Bronny James was raised wonderfully by his father and basketball oriented family. His father has always been a major influence on his career and life achievements till now. Although not much is known about Bronny’s early life and education as LeBron wanted to keep him safe from the public eye during tender years, it is well known that he was raised with a lot of care and love along with encouragement to always move further in life. 

Career highlights:

Being young and fresh, Bronny doesn’t have many career highlights as he still has to achieve a lot of things but with his skills showcased in his high school, people have already started to become his fans and followers. A lot of fans are already wishing and awaiting his professional debut. Currently, he is playing as a junior in Chatsworth, California and is extremely excited to see his career unfold ahead. 

Dating and relationships:

Now comes the final talk. Who is he dating? Is it a childhood friend or a high school sweetheart? Or a model or a businesswoman? WHO IS PEYTON GELFUSO?

Well, calm down. We have brought every piece of information out in the public for you. Peyton Gelfuso is an athlete who loves soccer, tennis and volleyball. She is a high school classmate of Bronny James and both of them have been spotted together several times at various locations including private ones too. Although she has a white race, she believes in equality and supports Bronny James completely. A lot of times, the internet came crashing down on Bronny for dating a white girl and likewise for Peyton but the couple managed it well and stayed strong. Over the years, they seem to get more serious about each other and probably have plans of marriage ahead. 

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